Asked at the Monterey Airport.

Q: What would you do with $4,000?

Follow-up: What’s the most inspiring performance you’ve seen?

RAJEN DRA NAIKER | Taxi Driver | Monterey

A: I’ll keep it and use it some good places, spend it wisely. I’m driving to Texas, so it would be good to get something good for the car.

Moving Show: Indian flok dancing – classical dance. People smile while they dance.

SUSAN RAVELING | Communications Manager | Demoines, Iowa

A: I’d ask where it came from. If I determined it really wasn’t a fraud, I would probably have to pay some medical debts.

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Small Package: A Broadway production of the play The Color Purple.

RICHARD SEGAL | Taxi Driver | Pacific Grove

A: First thing I do is get on the plane and go to Reno and gamble it.

Sleeper: What I did last night! Or when I drove to San Francisco and fell asleep at the wheel. I was tired and I needed to go. I went off the road a little bit, but I finally made it.

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