Q: What’s your worst habit behind the wheel?Q: What’s your worst habit behind the wheel?

Follow-up: What scares you the most about our society’s driving habits?

BERNADETTE CONANT | Barista | Seaside

A: Texting while driving. I’m self-centered. I’m not going to think about what I’m doing wrong, I’m thinking about everybody else.

Makes Sense: Texting while driving. What you tell that person isn’t more important than keeping your eyes on the road.

DARREL LAWSON | Postal Worker I Salinas

A: Getting in a hurry. It’s an impatience. Also answering the phone. I’ll answer it and tell them that I’m driving.

Driver’s Ed: The fact that people aren’t developing their skills to make up for everybody else’s lack of skills.

LANGSTON JOHNSON | Research Analyst | Salinas

A: Trying to guess what the person in front of me is going to do. It doesn’t work because everyone is driving so poorly, I have no idea what their next move is going to be.

Speed Kills: People going too fast. People think they’re better drivers than they are.

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