Street Talk

Street Talk:

Q: What destination is the local area’s best kept secret?
Follow–up: What are your three must-have travel items?

Anna Peccianti

Administrative Assistant | Los Angeles

A: The best–kept secret destination is the tree house at Garland Park that is up a hiking trail across the waterfalls. We used to take field trips there in the fifth grade.

Fog Fighter: Sunglasses, a sweater, and binoculars: sunglasses because I’m light sensitive and a sweater to combat fog. I have my own tree that was illegally planted in Garland Park years ago. We used to take my picture by it.

Jeremy Barrett

Real Estate Agent | Carmel

A: The magical beaches and coves of Point Lobos. It is where ancient Native Americans would store their gold in feather quills in the caves only accessible at low tide at a certain time of the year.

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Stop the Pain: Boots, water and a hat. You need boots to keep your feet from hurting, water to stay hydrated, and a hat not to get sunburned. Preparedness is the key to success.

Melissa Eason

Professional Mom | Carmel

A: If I told you it wouldn’t be a secret. I have a love-hate relationship with the tourist industry. Too many tourists don’t know how to cross the street. The town has changed to please them, not the locals.

Adventure Woman: It depends, if flying on an airplane take Ambien, otherwise a good book, good shoes, and a sense of adventure. Last January I went to Cambodia with a group called Freedom Fields to clear land mines for the second year in a raw.

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