Summer Camp Q & A


1. What one thing were you sure not to forget at home?

2. What is your fondest memory?

3. What was the hardest part of camp?

GEORGE REED | Media Tech | Seaside

MUST-HAVE: Clean underwear. That was a big thing with my mother. You never want to get in an accident and die with dirty underwear.

BEST MEMORY: I had a good time and wanted to go back, probably because I was away from my parents. No one telling you to do this or do that. That’s when you start running with the pack. You realize you’re just like everyone else.

HARDEST PART: This was the ’60s, I was one of the darkest people in our cabins. I remember getting into a scuffle with someone over my ethnic background.

GIGI DAVIS | Co-owner of LouLou’s Griddle in the Middle | Carmel Valley

MUST-HAVE: Calamine lotion for poison oak. It seemed like if I just walked by it attached itself to me.

BEST MEMORY: Enjoying the outdoors, just the adventure of it. Being able to be out and enjoying every minute of it, the campfires and meeting new friends – they were your best friends until the end of camp.

HARDEST PART: One year I got the mumps and I was trying to fake not having the mumps. I finally got there for the last three days. For me the worst part was not being able to go.

MARILYN KAY | Event Planner | Sacramento

MUST-HAVE: Mosquito repellent – it’s always important – and sunscreen, both of them.

BEST MEMORY: You earned merit badges, like for swimming or hiking. I remember getting one for marksmanship at 50 feet. You’re on your belly shooting at a hay bale –normally that’s not a girl activity.

HARDEST PART: The bugs. If you’re trying to enjoy a pleasant evening around the campfire and there’s a swarm of mosquitoes around your head, it’s hard to enjoy it.

BRIAN KELLEY | Student | Seaside

MUST-HAVE: A sleeping bag is critical. That’s most important; second is a cooler for food and drinks. Also very important.

BEST MEMORY: All of us coming together and having a great time being with each other. I was 12, that’s a long time ago.

HARDEST PART: Believe it or not, it’s the people I was with. They socially isolated me, which is dumb, but what can I do? All I can do is adapt to it.

RINA KEMPTON | Teacher/Hypnotist | Seaside

MUST-HAVE: A radio, because then you could have music if there was no counselor around. It wasn’t banned, but you didn’t really wanna be caught with it.

BEST MEMORY: Being in the woods, being under the trees. I enjoyed how it looked: the color of the skies, the color of the trees. I enjoyed being out in nature.

HARDEST PART: I don’t have a bad memory at all. It was something I liked a lot, and there was a sense of independence.

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