The Peninsula’s own Playgirl centerfold is professional - grade in other contexts too.

Good Sheet: “I’m naturally a shy person,” Seaside’s Guy Remlin says, adding that for his “respectful” photographer, he was “strategically nude.”

Guy Remlin. His name alone is an embodiment of masculinity– and beyond his action-hero name, Remlin is equipped with the colossal concrete physique of The Dark Knight (in bat suit) and the rigid jaw line of Iron Man.

The 54-year-old Seaside resident’s persona fits his build: He’s a professional bodybuilder, an auto mechanic and one of the last beefcakes to ever pose for Playgirl Magazine before it becomes an Internet-only publication.

When the Remlin issue publishes later this year, he will join an elite group of hard bodies who have appeared there since the magazine’s first issue in 1973, including ’80s rapper Big Daddy Kane, pro wrestler Shawn Michaels and Hercules himself (Kevin Sorbo of television’s Hercules, the Legendary Journeys).

In a publicity photo taken at one of Remlin’s recent bodybuilding competitions, he sports a peach Speedo that rivals Borat’s banana hammock in its ability to leave little to the imagination. His cardboard-tan skin can barely contain the mountainous muscles that bulge beneath, begging for a breath of air. Veins stretch out on his body like super highways.

Despite his chiseled physique, Remlin says it has always been extremely difficult for him to pose in those scanty competition briefs.

“I’m naturally a shy person,” Remlin says. “[With Playgirl] I decided to face my fear, head-on.”

Remlin will soon be seen by the world in much less than that peachy Speedo, though not that much less. He says he isn’t completely nude in the magazine; he is “strategically nude.”

“The photographer was very respectful,” Remlin adds.

During a three-way phone call with Remlin and his publicist in San Jose, he eagerly brings up the non-Playgirl facets of his life. He lists his achievements and accomplishments, tracing them all the way back to little league hockey and soccer in his hometown of Westport, Conn.

“When I was in high school, I got offered a scholarship to play football in college but decided to move [to Monterey] where a good friend of mine was stationed,” Remlin says.

As a child Remlin says he was a die-hard jock whose father encouraged him to play every sport. When he moved to California and further into adulthood, his athleticism led to the GNC-laced life of bodybuilding.

“In my sport, living a healthy lifestyle is important,” Remlin says.

His thoroughly healthy lifestyle has also ensured that his shelves are heavy with trophies. The competitions began when he took first place in 1983’s Mr. Monterey Bodybuilding Championship in the Novice Heavyweight Division. Since then, he has earned more than 17 bodybuilding championship titles and 19 National Physique Committee Championships. Remlin was even a finalist for American Gladiators in the early ’90s.

But, in order to achieve that Playgirl guy-next-door look, Remlin had to soften his rock-hard body.

Playgirl told me that I had to stop training while I was getting ready for the shoot,” Remlin says, “in order to appeal to the readers.”

After the shoot, which took place this summer, Remlin promptly honed his body back into the shape that has allowed him to take part in three decades of bodybuilding competitions.

When he’s not posing “strategically nude” or working out, Remlin is still all about the body: His two businesses, The Autobody Connection and Lifestyles by Design, are body-centric.

As a car repairman, Remlin takes pride in recovering twisted wrecks and making them new again. As a personal trainer, he finds tranquility in helping others turn their out-of-shape bodies into “works of art.”

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“Focusing on these things make me happy,” Remlin says.

As part of Seaside’s neighborhood improvement commission– which encourages citizens to beautify their homes– Remlin continues the beautification and award-winning theme. He has received four awards for “house of the month.”

But productivity and bodybuilding awards are only part of his legacy.

After more than three decades of glossy pages, Playgirl Magazine will leave the print world forever at year’s end.

Remlin will grace the lustrous pages of the magazine’s final issue, due out in November, in a spread called “Guy of the Month.”

And yes, Remlin plans on giving a copy of the magazine to his mother.

“I don’t care who sees me [in Playgirl],” he says adamantly.

Remlin says his mother believes he should be proud of what God gave him. Seaside should be too.

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