What is your wildest car experience?

What is your wildest car experience?

Follow-up: What’s your naughtiest habit while driving?

AMBER LLOYD | Hotel service | Pacific Grove

A: My friend threw up all over my brand new Audi last night. It was his 23rd birthday and stripper night at Hippodrome. This is my sixth car, I’ve totaled two.

Disc-traction: Changing the music. I just got the brand new Britney Spears.

JAKE VAN VUUREN | Filmmaker | Monterey 

A: My dad said he would teach me how to drive when I was 10, on my farm. We went for a few miles, but as we got home, I put my foot over his and slammed into a tree. 

Belated Belt: Driving for a mile before putting on my seatbelt.

MICHELLE CAMARILLO | Student/Mom | Del Rey Oaks

A: A red Camaro in an intersection runs a red light, does a donut, fishtails, and power slides at least 400 feet. Smoke was everywhere. I called the cops. They said they had heard about him.

Texting Taboo: Text messaging. I have curbed it since watching the Oprah special.

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