What’s the hardest to give up for 40 days?

What’s the hardest to give up for 40 days?

Follow-up: Follow-up: Your thoughts on the Easter Bunny?

MATTHEW SUNDT | Proprietor | Monterey

A: Exercise. I exercise every day – outdoor canoeing, cycling. I couldn’t be out of the water for 40 days.

Game On: Some parts are edible.

KATHERINE WILT | CNA and Deli worker | Monterey

A: Ice cream – chocolate peanut butter – or my cell phone. It’s impossible to work without my cell phone and I couldn’t give up my job for 40 days, though I’d like to.

Sentimental Fur: A fun holiday gift. I had one from my father when I was 23.

DENNIS JASON LUCAS | Trainer | Watsonville

A: I don’t have to give up anything, because I don’t have anything. In order to give up something you have to have it.

Bugs Funny: A man in a bunny suit trying to rob you of your money.

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