(photo above) DeBord says he was lucky to catch this close-up of a comb being wielded by the lead singer for Morris Day and The Time, who, indeed, did check himself in a mirror held up by bandmate Jerome.

In rock photographer Jason DeBord’s travels, he sometimes gets the opportunity to interact with the musicians he photographs for his blog, RockSubculture.com. Here are his impressions of some of them.

DeBord on Coldplay:

They are the nicest people. They seem really genuine. I met them before their [London charity] concerts at fan meet-and-greets. I had bought one of Johnny Auchland’s guitars at a charity auction. It was his favorite. [I was] invited me to an afterparty. I found a table in the back, happy to have met them, to have seen them in concert, to be in England. I saw Johnny leaving and I waved and he came across the room and said, ‘It was nice to meet you’ and ‘Have a good Christmas.’ He didn’t have to do that.

DeBord on Seal:

I saw him in San Diego. There was a horribly disorganized meet-and-greet at Humphrey’s by the Bay. It was the promoter. There were 15 of us. Later we’re sitting enjoying the ocean, and Seal comes over by himself and just starts talking to us like we’re all friends. He spent probably half an hour just telling us stories. He was very open about his life, family and children. It was refreshing.

DeBord on Marilyn Manson:

I’m not a big Marilyn Manson fan. Backstage he was very introverted, quiet, polite – not what you would expect. There was a fan [at the show] who was paraplegic. I helped her get to the front row, but when Marilyn Manson came out, the crowd pushed forward. She was mouthing “Help me!” Me and another guy had to carry her. Marilyn Manson [sprayed] smoke from a CO2 gun at us. Not helpful. He was like a different person.

Walter Ryce has been an arts writer, calendar editor, culture columnist, sometime photographer, and one-time web content coordinator for the Monterey County Weekly. He began working at the paper, which is based in his hometown of Seaside, in 2007.

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