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Like Philip Glass (foreground), Laurie Anderson (background) has played the Henry Miller Library, and says it’s a relief to her that the Soberanes Fire spared the Big Sur venue.

The multitude of arts and culture happenings in Monterey County this season will only grow as we approach the end of the year. Here’s a sampling of some highlights in the coming months. For more on what’s happening this week, check out the calendar and arts section. – Marielle Argueza

Sept. 23-24

Animal Collective Camping Weekend

Fernwood Tavern, Big Sur 667-2129, • Noon Friday check-in; 11am Sun check-out

Sept. 29

Tomáseen Foley’s Irish Times

Monterey Museum of Art-La Mirada, Monterey 372-3689, • 7-8:30pm

Sept. 29

Andrew Tufano with Brooke Tomlinson

Barmel, Carmel 626-3400, • 7pm

Sep. 29

Mary Chapin Carpenter

Golden State Theatre, Monterey 649-1070, • 8pm

Sept. 29-Oct. 16

Twelfth Night

Outdoor Forest Theater, Carmel 622-0100, • 7:30pm Thu-Sat

Sept. 30

Proudest Monkeys

Pierce Vineyards, Monterey 372-8900, • 8pm

Sept. 30

Tracy Morgan

Golden State Theatre, Monterey 649-1070, • 8pm

Sept. 30-Oct. 1

Fall Festival

Tor House, Carmel 624-1813, 5-7pm Fri; 9am-4pm Sat

Sept. 30

Homage to Carmel

Gallery Exposed, Carmel 238-0127, • 5-8pm

Oct. 1

Annual Butterfly Parade and Bazaar

Chautauqua Hall, Pacific Grove 648-5722 ext. 202, • 10am-1pm

Oct. 1

Circle of Strings

Carmel Presbyterian Church, Carmel 624-1521, • 7pm

Oct. 1

Spectordance’s Ocean Trilogy

Monterey Museum of Art-La Mirada, Monterey 384-1050, • 4-7:30pm

Oct. 1

Speech is Not Free Festival

Henry Miller Memorial Lbirary, Big Sur 667-2574, • 6:30-9:30pm

Oct. 1

Sara Melson

Fernwood Tavern, Big Sur 667-2129, • 10pm

Oct. 1

The Party

Monterey Bay Aquarium, Monterey 648-4800, • 7-11:30pm

Oct. 2

The Romero Guitar Quartet

Sunset Center, Carmel 620-2048, • 8pm

Oct. 1-2

Monterey County Artist Open Studio Tour

Sol Treasures, King City 386-9809, • 11am-5pm

Oct. 5-Oct. 31

Carmel Centennial Historic Photo Exhibit

Marjorie Evans Gallery, Carmel 620-2052, • 9am-5pm

Oct. 7

Miniatures Opening Reception

Monterey Museum of Art-Pacific, Monterey 372-5477, • 5-7pm

Oct. 7-22

The Berenstain Bears On Stage

Ariel Theatrical, Salinas 775-0976, • 7pm Fri; 2pm and 7pm Sat

Oct. 9

Anjelah Johnson

Golden State Theatre, Monterey 649-1070, • 8pm

Oct. 7-Nov. 4

Contemporary Carmel Architecture Exhibit

Carl Cherry Center for the Arts, Carmel 624-7491, • 5pm-7pm opening reception; 11am-4pm Mon-Fri gallery hours

Oct. 13

Cpa Lecture Series: Mimi Plumb

Center for Photographic Art, Carmel

625-5181, • 6:30-7:30pm

Oct. 14

Twyla Tharp Dance Company

Sunset Center, Carmel 620-2048, • 8pm


Oct. 15

Second City’s Free Speech (While Supplies Last)

Some citizens are excited by the presidential election as if it’s their sacred duty to participate. Others see Nov. 8 as a freight train run off the track headed straight for the American people. It’s easy to make a mockery of the madness. But to make a mockery with the expertise of comedic legends like Amy Poehler, Tina Fey and Stephen Colbert? That takes a special group of people. Enter Second City, a improvisational comedy troupe made of six rising stars doing live political satire. From making caricatures of presidential candidates to their supporters – of any party, mimicking both Bernie revolutionaries and disaffected Trump voters – to tackling issues that makes us look absolutely ridiculous for having political opinions – it’s the kind of inward-looking humor that makes audiences laugh at both their own cynicism and idealism. Be warned, this is not P.C. content.

CSU Monterey Bay World Theater, Seaside. 582-4580, 8pm.

Oct. 15

Miracle Monarch Migration Family Day

Sol Treasures, King City 386-9809, • 2-5pm

Oct. 15

El Duo

Pierce Vineyards, Monterey 372-8900, • 8pm

Oct. 15

St. Lawrence String Quartet

Sunset Center, Carmel 625-2212,• 8pm

Oct. 15

Kimo Smith Organ Concert

St. Dunstan’s Episcopal Church, Carmel Valley 624-6646, • 3-6pm

Oct. 15-16

PacRep HarvestFest Arts and Crafts Faire

Custom House Plaza, Monterey 649-7118, • 10am-5pm

Oct. 16

Vif! in Carmel Valley

Hidden Valley Music, Carmel Valley 624-1521,• 3pm


Oct. 17

Swan Lake by Russian Grand Ballet

To honor the legacy of a collaboration between legendary classical choreography and music, the Russian Grand Ballet presents their production of Swan Lake. This institution, founded by graduates of the most esteemed schools from St. Petersburg, Moscow and Kiev, trains dancers in classical Russian ballet. Following their U.S. debut in 2015, during which the company toured over 25 theaters, the troupe is back for their second-ever U.S. tour, this time performing Swan Lake and Sleeping Beauty at various theaters across the country. Featuring the original musical score written by Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky and choreography by Marius Petipa and Lev Ivanov, this full-length ballet isn’t just dance: In three acts it tells a transformative and timeless tale of a fantastical journey based on Russian folklore.

Fox Theater, Salinas. 887-0691, 7:30pm.

Oct. 18

The Myriad Faces of Russia

All Saints Episcopal Church, Carmel 646-8511,• 7:30pm

Oct. 19

Fiesta del Mar

Monterey Bay Aquarium, Monterey 648-4800, • 10am-5pm

Oct. 20-Nov. 19

Cloud 9

Western Stage (Studio Theater), Salinas 755-6816, • 7:30pm Fri and Sat, 2pm Sun

Oct. 20-Nov. 6

King Lear

Circle Theater, Carmel 622-0100, 7:30pm Thu-Sat; 2pm Sun

Oct. 20

Alma Sangre

Barmel, Carmel 626-3400, • 7pm


Oct. 20-23

Carmel International Film Festival

For five days this film festival brings screenings, interactive panel discussions, and exclusive after-parties where filmmakers and fans alike can rub shoulders. One film that’s formulating quite a buzz is The Space Between, directed by Amy Jo Johnson, a heartfelt and hilarious story about a middle-aged infertile man who discovers his wife was impregnated by a teenage ginger, and sets on a journey to find that father. Making a large presence at this year’s festival is a different artistic medium, however, with the expansion of the Music Cafe that showcases emerging California musicians. The live music serves as a backdrop for lively gatherings in between films. Some aspects of this film fest remain fixtures. The popular Celebrating Women in Film event regularly sells out due to its stimulating discussions and an auction hosted by the dynamic local news duo of Erin Clark and Dan Green.

Irvine Auditorium, Monterey. 647-4100, 4:30-10pm Thu-Fri; 9am-10pm Sat; 9am-5pm Sun.

Oct. 22

Moshe Vilosny

Fernwood Tavern, Big Sur 667-2129, • 10pm

Oct. 21

Ziggy Marley

Golden State Theatre, Monterey 649-1070, • 8pm

Oct. 21-22

Disney’s Mulan Jr.

Sol Treasures, King City 386-9809, • 7pm Fri; 2pm Sat

Oct. 22-23

Carmel Centennial World Premier and Beethoven’s Triple Concerto

Sunset Center, Carmel and Sherwood Hall, Salinas 646-8511, • 8pm Sat; 3pm Sun


Nov. 25

Sky Country’s Annual Day-After-Thanksgiving Show

“Welcome home locals” night has become a Carmel tradition over the past 15 years or so. In more recent times, merry spirits gather with festive energies to bathe in the gourmet sound of Sky Country – a form of cleansing that happens in both external and internal realms. With their tasty California-flavored rock ‘n’ roll, sounds of the desert heat up the crowd while sonic waves of the coast move them. “Sure, talking and catching up on the past with old friends can be great, but nothing beats dancing and goofing off together, and creating some new, current memories,” says Nico Georis (vocals, keys, guitar) about the evening. Georis, along with Mikey Selbicky (vocals, guitar), Adam Zerbe (vocals, bass) and Will Condon (drums), hypnotize their audience into a hazy collective consciousness that meditates on the flavors of the now, good vibrations and giggles. Followed by DJ sets for late-night boogie opportunities, Georis says attendees “may not remember where that old long-lost friend is working the morning after, but will remember high-fiving them on the dance floor.”

Barmel, Carmel. 626-3400, 7-10pm.

Oct. 28

Richard Thompson and the Blind Boys of Alabama

Sunset Center, Carmel 620-2048, • 8pm

Oct. 28-29

Little Red Riding Hood

Ariel Theatrical, Salinas 775-0976, • 7pm Fri; 2pm and 7pm Sat


Oct. 29

Chamber Ensemble of St. Martin’s In The Fields

Sunset Center, Carmel 625-9938, • 8pm

Oct. 31-Dec. 15

Adult Fall Art Competition

Avery Gallery, Seaside 527-4501, • 8pm Thurs Nov. 13 reception

Nov. 1 and 8

Early Music Faculty Concerts

Hidden Valley Music Seminar, Carmel Valley 659-3115, • 7:30pm

Nov. 3-27

As You Like It

MPC’s Morgan Stock Stage, Monterey 582-4580, • 7:30pm Fri; 2pm Sat and Sun

Nov. 5

The Epic Adventure of Leonard and Rasmu

St. Francis Xavier Church, Seaside and Ariel Theatrical, Salinas 624-1521, • 11am at St. Francis Xavier Church; 4pm at Ariel Theatrical

Nov. 5

Trio Solisti

Sunset Center, Carmel 625-2212,• 8pm


Nov. 18-Dec. 11

After Jeffers Exhibit

Almost a century ago, poet Robinson Jeffers was contemplating the impermanence of human civilization in relation to nature, seeming to foretell environmental cataclysms like climate change and overpopulation. This exhibit, which focuses on Jeffers’ influence on artists that came after him, opens 5-7pm Friday, Nov. 18, with photography and other works. The next day, a literary reading follows at 3pm devoted to Jeffers’ works. In the following weeks, look for interpretive text, poetry readings, panel discussions and lectures. The Cherry is collecting stories from residents, historians and authors to expand the scope of the programming, and the art will remain through Dec. 11.

Carl Cherry Center for the Arts, Carmel. 624-7491, 5-7pm Fri opening reception; 3pm Sat poetry reading.

Nov. 11

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2016 International Juried Exhibition

Center for Photographic Art, Carmel 625-5181, • Noon-4pm opening reception

Nov. 11-12

United Nations Association film festival

Golden State Theatre, Monterey 649-1070, • 7pm Fri and Sat

Nov. 13

Angela Kraft Cross

St. Dunstan’s Episcopal Church, Carmel Valley 624-6646, • 3-5pm

Nov. 17-Dec. 18

Sister Act the Musical

Golden Bough Theater, Carmel 622-0100, 7:30pm Thu-Sat; 2pm Sun

Nov. 17

The Havana Cuba All Stars: Cuban Nights Sunset Center, Carmel

620-2048, • 8pm

Nov. 18

Fall Art Show

Youth Arts Collective, Monterey 375-9922, • 5-9pm

Nov. 18

Bill Carter

Barmel, Carmel 626-3400, •8pm

Nov. 18 – 19

Little Wings

Fernwood Tavern, Big Sur 667-2129, • 10pm

Nov. 18-20

Cowboy Poetry and Music Festival

Monterey County Fair and Event Center, Monterey 372-5863, • Times TBD

Nov. 18-20

A Midsummer Night’s Dream

Sunset Center, Carmel and Sherwood Hall, Salinas 646-8511, •7:30pm Fri, 8pm Sat, 3pm Sun

Nov. 19

A Classic Rock Christmas by the December People

CSU Monterey Bay’s World Theater • 8-9:30pm

Nov. 19-Dec. 10

Nice Work if You Can Get It

Western Stage (Mainstage Theater), Salinas. 755-6816, • 7:30pm Fridays and Saturdays, 2pm Sundays

Nov. 28

Vienna Boys Choir

Sunset Center, Carmel 620-2048, • 7pm

Nov. 29

Dave Mason

Sunset Center, Carmel 620-2048, • 7:30pm

Nov. 30

Holiday Parade of Lights

Oldtown Salinas 758-0725, • 6pm

Dec. 1-Jan. 3

Annual Miniature and Small Painting Show

Carmel Art Association, Carmel 624-6176, • 10am-5pm

Dec. 2-3

Smuin Ballet’s Christmas Ballet

Sunset Center, Carmel 620-2048, • 8pm Fri; 2pm Sat

Dec. 2-17

A Year with Frog and Toad

Ariel Theatrical, Salinas 775-0976, • 7pm Fri; 2pm and 7pm Sat

Dec. 3

Acoustic Summit

The Press Club, Seaside 831-394-5656 x127, 11am-8pm

Dec. 9

Lewis Black

Golden State Theatre, Monterey 649-1070, • 8pm

Dec. 9-10

Christmas In The Adobes

Monterey State Historic Park, Monterey 649-7118, • 5-9pm Fri and Sat

Dec. 11

A Tuba Christmas

Golden State Theatre, Monterey

649-1070, • 1-2pm

Dec. 14

John Prine and Ramblin’ Jack Elliott

Golden State Theater, Monterey 649-1070, • 8pm

Dec. 15

Johnny Lang

Golden State Theatre, Monterey 649-1070, • 8pm

Dec. 16-18

Annual Holiday Performance and Auction

SpectorDance, Marina 384-1050, • 7pm Fri; 2pm and 7pm Sat; 2pm on Sun

Dec. 16-18

Salinas Valley Comic Con

Hartnell College, Salinas 796-3833, • Times TBD


Dec. 17

Windham Hill 30th Anniversary Winter Solstice

In 1975, disco music reigned supreme, and Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak were putting the finishing touches on their culture-changing computer inventions. At that same time, an unknown carpenter/amateur guitarist named William Ackerman launched an independent label named Windham Hill Records out of his Palo Alto garage. Ackerman never intended to build a musical empire, but after he met pianist George Winston in Santa Cruz, signed him and put out his first effort called Autumn in 1980, that’s exactly what happened – so much so that, consumed with running an international label, Ackerman sold the company in the mid-’90s in order to get back to just playing and working hands-on with other musicians. Buoyed by Ackerman’s impeccable musical taste and perhaps as an antidote to all things disco, Windham Hill emerged as a quiet place, usually all acoustic, highly melodic, very mellow. The label was celebrating its 30th year when Ackerman last visited the Montalvo Arts Center in Saratoga in 2006, and this fall he, his cousin guitarist Alex DeGrassi, and singer/songwriter, pianist, fiddler and fellow label-mate Barbara Higbie bring the 30th annual celebration of the mega-popular Winter Solstice concert series to Sunset Center’s stage in December.

Sunset Center, Carmel. 620-2048, 8pm.

The 2016 Fall Arts Schedule was compiled by Marielle Argueza, John Bays, Paul Fried, Ivan Garcia, Maya Gonzalez, Holly Klotz, Sara Rubin, Walter Ryce and Victoria Stöcker.

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