Dr. Richard Heiner

Richard Heiner looks at his attorney in Monterey County Superior Court on April 16.

The former Natividad Medical Center physician whose arrest for domestic violence was captured on the television show Live PD is facing the loss of his medical license following the filing of an accusation against him Aug. 13 by the state Attorney General's Office.

Richard Alan Heiner pleaded no contest to the domestic violence charge stemming from an April 13 incident in which he beat his fiancee during an argument.

According to the accusation filed by the Attorney General's Office, Heiner and the victim began arguing that afternoon at Heiner's Creekbridge-area home. While the victim tried to walk away from him, he threw two high-heel shoes at her, broke her cellphone when she tried to record him and then slapped her, beat her head off of an interior staircase and punched her in the face.

When she locked herself in a bedroom, he unlocked it with a utility knife, strangled her and beat her in the face with a pair of hand weights. He also sexually assaulted her with a foreign object, the accusation states.

During the attack, he threatened to maim and kill her, telling her, "You fucking deserve to die," "I'm going to cut your fingers off" and, "put a bullet in your head," in addition to other threats, the accusation states.

The woman suffered a broken nose and multiple bruises to her face and body.

Heiner was charged with attempted murder, assault with a deadly weapon, making criminal threats, sexual penetration with a foreign object and corporal injury to a cohabitant. He pleaded no contest to the corporal injury charge and was sentenced in July to four years probation, a year in jail and community service.

Heiner's license was suspended in May and will remain suspended pending a final decision of the Medical Board of California, which can opt to strip him of his license altogether. 

Heiner's arrest was captured on Live PD, a reality television show that has camera crews embedded with the Salinas Police Department. In the clip, police responded to a 911 call of a woman screaming; when officers knocked on the door of the Creekbridge home, a “completely naked female came out with major blunt force trauma to her face, bleeding extensively,” Officer Mike Muscutt says on the video.

The suspect, also naked, surrendered without incident. On the video clip, police walk the suspect out of the White River Circle house and the 57-year-old is heard asking, “Can I put some pants on? Jesus Christ.” One officer asks another to obtain a blanket or a towel to cover Heiner as a brief image of Heiner, naked, handcuffed and standing facing a fence, is shown. A second clip shows Heiner covered in a white Tyvek suit and being placed into the back of a patrol car.

“She was bloody to hell and beaten to crap, naked,” Muscutt tells a sergeant on the scene.

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