Dear Mr. Johnson:

I am a freelance writer based here in Monterey, where I write about the environment, food systems, politics, personal hygiene, popular culture, wine, restaurants, sexuality, management fads, lawyers, alternative medicine and my personal impressions of things. I am proposing several story ideas of 3,500 words each, any of which can be tailored to your specific needs.

It’s Hard Out There for a Shrimp: The life and difficult times of the dining public’s favorite endangered crustacean.

It’s Hard Out There for a Gimp: A writer goes undercover for a day as a person in a wheelchair. What’s it like trying to get around Monterey County with a disability?

It’s Hard Out There for a Wimp: Studies show playground bullies are often themselves victims of bullying at the hand of older relatives. But what about those at the bottom of the pecking order? Are they, too, victims at home? And are they forever doomed to victimhood? A close look at an understudied population.

It’s Hard Out There for a Simp: Complainers are truthtellers who often do the dirty work of mentioning things that others are too proud, uncomfortable or busy to say. So why are they stigmatized?

Field of Dreams: Playing catch with a man who wants to develop the last open space in town.

Gimme Shelter: Why is it so hard to find cheap housing here?

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Shelter Skelter: A bad landlord screws over a family of five. Now they’re living in their station wagon and scraping by on one disability check. Househunting with the McCrarys.

Mr. Johnson, I hope one or all of these stories appeals to you. I eagerly await your response.


Penelope LaFontaine

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