Lot Adjustment

Moving the RV lot to the airport will free about an acre of city-owned land, though its future uses remain undecided.

Ever since Dino Pick came on as Del Rey Oaks’ city manager in spring of 2017, he’s heard from his city council, and a good number of residents, that they didn’t care for the city-owned RV storage lot behind city hall.

So Pick found a solution.

On June 26, the Del Rey Oaks City Council approved an agreement with the Monterey Regional Airport to move the RV lot to the airport.

“It’s a no-brainer,” Mayor Jerry Edelen says. “It’s a win-win.”

The deal will allow Del Rey Oaks to continue earning revenue from the RVs, and will also bring revenue to the airport. Under the terms, the lot is envisioned to have 50 spaces, with 35 reserved for the current tenants of the city’s lot. Del Rey Oaks, after paying a $3,000 annual lease, as well as a 10-percent management fee, will collect rent from the 35 spaces, and 60 percent of the rent from the remaining 15.

From a fiscal perspective, the revenue is negligible: The city currently brings in $35,000 a year from the lot, and after the airport recoups its construction expenses, expects a small increase, to about $43,000 annually.

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The real win is freeing up the land, some of which Pick says could be turned into a park, or more parking for city hall and the Frog Pond Wetland Preserve, and perhaps even house a small business.

“The space for businesses in Del Rey Oaks is at a premium,” Pick says, adding that demand has increased with the new cannabis industry.

Pick doesn’t expect the move to occur until this fall, as the city wants to give the current tenants 60 days’ notice.

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