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The mysterious plaintiff who filed a lawsuit seeking to stop a years-in-the-making development from moving forward in the city of Seaside has reversed course and filed a motion seeking to have the suit dismissed.

The move by the Committee for Sound Water and Land Development on Fort Ord comes less than a month after its attorney, Steve Herum, went to court seeking to have the identity of one of his clients remain a secret. That client, developer Paul Petrovich, denied he’s a member of the committee that sued to block the Campus Town project from moving forward, but his name was inadvertently revealed in an email Herum’s office sent to Seaside officials regarding the committee’s lawsuit.

The committee’s lawsuit officially won’t be dismissed until it goes before a judge; Herum’s motion was filed on Aug. 3 and a hearing hasn’t yet been scheduled. It’s also unclear whether Seaside will seek to recoup the money it spent defending against the suit, which sought to have the environmental impact report for Campus Town set aside and have the project’s construction approvals revoked, premised on the idea the city failed to address the impacts of the massive development.

Seaside City Attorney Shari Damon declined to comment, while Herum didn’t return an email request for comment.

Petrovich is the developer behind a second proposed development in Seaside known as Main Gate, a retail and hotel development slated for development on 56 acres on former Fort Ord lands held by the city. Campus Town, from developer Danny Bakewell and KB Bakewell Seaside Venture II, encompasses 122 acres of former Fort Ord lands and proposes to include upwards of 1,400 homes, 250 hotel rooms and retail and office space.

“KB-Bakewell has always believed this case was frivolous and would be dismissed,” Bakewell writes by email. “This is certainly a great day for the city and the citizens of Seaside, who have been overwhelmingly supportive of this project and who deserve to reap all the benefits this project will bring.”

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Sinbad Sailor

Both developments - Campus Town project and Main Gate - will be located in City of Seaside jurisdiction, or at least that’s what the article suggests. Seaside is within MPWMD. No water for 2nd bathrooms but lots of water for 2 major developments? How does that work?

reality bytez

second bathrooms do not provide any additional tax revenue. brand new homes and businesses add significant real estate tax revenue and sales tax revenue.

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