Q: Name something that should be banned tomorrow.

Follow Up: Name something illegal that should not be illegal.

Paul Johnson


A: I think larger vehicles should be banned. There''s too much traffic. Monterey wasn''t built for heavy-duty traffic. We like tourists because it adds to the economy. But if they would use more mass transit, it wouldn''t be so crowded with cars.

Legalize It: Pot.

Jason Sesma


A: Prescription drugs, cause they''re even worse than illegal ones. Like Vicodin, maybe, ''cause my mom was addicted to it and it kind of messed up everything.

Give Me Liberty: Seatbelts-if people don''t want to wear them, they shouldn''t have to.

Russell Wydler

Magnetic Press Operator/Monterey

A: The Police. Because they''re a nuisance to society. When you''re enjoying yourself in a bar, cops are there in the bar. It''s a setup to meet their quota.

Repeat the Question? Politicians-shouldn''t have ''em.

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