(available in Hammacher Schlemmer catalog)


10. Double Decker Pet Stroller. $249.95. “Now designed for the multi-pet family, our double-decker stroller has two separate carriers mounted vertically to a durable frame that’s easy to push and folds easily for storage.” Fluffy and Fido get to be wheeled around the neighborhood. Who needs exercise?

9. Light Flurries projection box. $79.95. Who needs real snow? Aimed at the outside walls of your home, the “box creates the illusion of gently falling snow flurries by directing a bright white beam onto a rotating mirror ball, and the user can adjust the size of the ‘flakes,’ as well as their rate of fall.”

8. Irish Walking Cape. $269.95. “Soft and comfortable, this traditional Irish cape has a double-breasted wrap-over front that keeps out the cold while you walk the moors or stroll downtown streets.”

7. Fiber-Optic Holiday Hat. $29.95. “This whimsical hat is a portable holiday light show that spreads holiday cheer wherever you go.”

6. Window Walking Robotic Bugs. $14.95. “These amusing robotic bugs traverse vertical glass, Plexiglass, or metal surfaces. Specify the Walligator with autoscan eyes or the Vertibug with autoscan antennae.”

5. The First Wireless Fish Finder. $119.95. “Weighing a mere 1 oz., our floating sonar sensor attaches to your line and has an operating radius of 75 feet. You wear the display unit like a watch to view depths to 100 feet; the 90-degree sonar beam covers wide swaths of water. With fish proximity alarm,” who needs sport?

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4. Wristwatch Television Set. $199.95. “Catch the game on this diminutive wristwatch TV, whose specially designed micro tuner and headphone antenna pull in stations easily…” Maybe we can wear the fish finder on one wrist, while catching the game on the other?

3. Golf Club Drink Dispenser. $39.95. “This clever fairway companion keeps 48 oz. of your favorite beverage cold—enough for your entire foursome—without the inconvenience of carrying bottles and cans. With a dispensing head that resembles a standard three wood, this 44-inch cooler slips into any golf bag.”

2. Never-Lose-Another-Golf-Ball Putter. $49.95. “Our regulation putter has a fishing reel, so you’ll never scramble after practice putts again—simply wind in the ball after each shot.

1. The World’s Largest Crossword Puzzle. $29.95. “Holding a Guinness record for its size, this crossword hangs on a full seven by seven foot of wall space, and has 28,000 clues for over 91,000 squares. It’s a challenge that can take months, even up to a year, to complete.”

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