Street Talk

You say to-MAY-toe, I say to-MAH-toe. You say ro-DAY-o, I say RO-dee-o. Whichever way you say it, the rodeo, complete with horses, bulls, and really big belt buckles, is coming to town. As cowboys and cowgirls stampede Salinas this week, some city slickers share their thoughts on the big hat event.

Kana Martinez

Age: 25 Occupation: Research assistant

Resides: Marina

Do you say "RO-dee-o" or "ro-DAY-o"? I''ve always called it a RO-dee-o.

What''s your idea of a cowboy? The Marlboro man. They chew [tobacco] and wear belt buckles. It''s just like a style, like people who wear all black and black lipstick.

How do you feel about the treatment of animals at the rodeo? I don''t go because I don''t want to see them being abused. The cows getting roped is hard to watch.

Mariantonia Dudley

Age: Won''t tell Occupation: Editor

Resides: Carmel

Do you say "RO-dee-o" or "ro-DAY-o"? Ro-DAY-o. If you''re a Californian, it''s ro-DAY-o.

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What''s your image of a cowboy? Good lover. But not to be relied upon in a long-term relationship.

How do you feel about the treatment of animals at the rodeo? I am basically opposed to methods that are used to excite the animals for exhibition. I see the breaking of the legs of young calves as traumatic and unnecessary.

Clinton "Mr. T" Townsend

Age: 48 Occupation: Preschool teacher

Resides: Marina

Do you say "RO-dee-o" or "ro-DAY-o"? Ro-DAY-o. Anybody can say RO-dee-o, but ro-DAY-o has a mystique, it''s more classy.

Are you going to the rodeo? Yes. I''m gonna buy my wife a big white hat.

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