Coast Weekly

has been the recipient of close to 50 prestigous national, state, regional and local awards since 1988.

National Awards:

Association of Alternative Newsweeklies (AAN)

&bul; Investigative Reporting ("High Stakes Bingo"), First Place (1996)

&bul; Display Advertising Campaign, First Place (1997)

&bul; Display Advertising Color Multi-Page, Honorable Mention (1997)

National Newspaper Association (NNA)

&bul; Best Coverage of Arts & Entertainment, Honorable Mention (1991)

&bul; Best Coverage of Agricultural News, Honorable Mention (1991, 1992, 1994)

&bul; Best Coverage of Environmental News, Honorable Mention (1991, 1992, 1994)

&bul; Best Feature Story, Honorable Mention (1991)

&bul; Best Coverage of Business & Economic News, Honorable Mention (1992)

&bul; Best Coverage of Health-Related Issues, Honorable Mention (1992)

&bul; Best Coverage of the Performing Arts, Third Place (1997)

&bul; Best Editorial, Second Place, (1996)

&bul; Best Feature Picture, Honorable Mention (1996)

&bul; Freedom of Information, Honorable Mention (1997)

&bul; Best Editorial, Honorable Mention (1997)

&bul; Best Review, Honorable Mention (1997)

American Motorcyclist Association

&bul; Most Valued Publication ("Earning Respect"), (1996)

American Sunbathing Association

&bul; Best Feature Article ("Baring It All," local nudism), (1990)

Statewide Awards:

California Newspaper Publisher''s Association (CNPA)

&bul; Agriculture & Environment Coverage, First Place (1991, 1993)

&bul; Arts & Entertainment Coverage, Second Place (1989)

&bul; Investigative Reporting, Second Place (1992)

&bul; Public Service, Second Place (1992)

&bul; Public Service, Second Place (1990)

&bul; Best Advertising Design (1997)

&bul; Best Business/Financial coverage, Second Place (1992)

California Teachers'' Association (CTA), John Swett Award

Certificate of Merit

&bul; Best Feature Story ("On-line Education"), (1995)

&bul; Best Feature Story ("Migrant Farmworker Education"), (1990)

Regional & Local Awards:

Seaside/Sand City Chamber of Commerce

&bul; Business of the Year (1995)

Hospital Council of Northern & Central California

&bul; Health Care Journalism Award ("Public Health Care"),(1990)


(Association of Monterey Bay Area Governments) &bul; Rideshare Award (1990 &1991)

Sierra Club of Monterey Bay

&bul; Best Environmental News Coverage (1991)

Advertising Club of the Monterey Bay, The Sammies

&bul; Best Campaign, Bronze (1992)

&bul; Ad Illustration, Gold (1991)

&bul; Radio Self-Promotion, Silver (1991)

&bul; Best B&W Newspaper Ads, Bronze (1991)

&bul; Best Color Newspaper Ads, Bronze (1990)

Planned Parenthood of Monterey County, Margaret Sanger Award

&bul; Best Coverage of Reproductive Rights Issues (1992)

Monterey Peninsula Chamber of Commerce

&bul; Finalist for Business of the Year (1992)

&bul; Finalist for Rookie of the Year (1989)

Central Coast Press Club

&bul; Best News Feature ("Facing the Music"), Third Place (1997)

&bul; Best News Feature ("Healthy, But..."), First Place (1997)

&bul; Best Business/Ag Story ("Retail Boxing"), Second Place (1997)

&bul; Best Business/Ag Story ("Don''t Fence Me In"), First Place (1997)

&bul; Best Serious Feature ("Are You My Mother"), Second Place (1997)

&bul; Best Light Feature ("Justice Fashion and Really Fast Cars"), First Place (1997)

&bul; Best Headline ("Would You Buy a Used Dam From This Man?"), Third Place (1997)

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