Jon Lovitz, the man behind SNL’s Pathological Liar, does funny to back candidate Morrison.

Friday Night Live: Gotta Lovitz: Jon’s new hobbies include standup and political benefits.

The late ‘80s were a golden era for Saturday Night Live. The program featured popular skits like Wayne’s World and Hans and Franz alongside Dennis Miller’s turn as a sarcastic news anchor and Phil Hartman’s spot-on impersonations. Even with a gaggle of talent—Dana Carvey, Mike Myers, Miller and Hartman—cast member Jon Lovitz was one of the program’s standouts due to his odd characters.

Lovitz hilariously impersonated shock comic Andrew Dice Clay and politician Michael Dukakis, and was renowned for his overly dramatic Master Thespian character, and his Pathological Liar, a teller of tall tales who fibbed about serving in Vietnam with Mick Jagger and dining at the White House with  “the royal family,” uttering, after each fabrication: “Yeah, that’s the ticket.”

It’s somehow appropriate that the one-time Pathological Liar is pimping for State Assembly candidate Michael Morrison: “Morrison—he’s a serious man; a real leader. His campaign has a chance. Yeah, that’s the ticket.”

In 1990, Lovitz left the show, reportedly because SNL creator and producer Lorne Michaels wouldn’t allow him time off to make a movie. The film that he left for—1992’s Mom and Dad Save the World—was a flop. He went on to make City Slickers 2 and High School High.

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A couple years after leaving SNL, Lovitz returned to the small screen as the voice of movie critic Jay Sherman on the underrated animated program The Critic. After a season on ABC and a season on Fox, the show was cancelled.

Recently, Lovitz decided to do something radical for an established television and film actor: he decided to pursue standup comedy for the first time. In a recent interview, the comedian said his routine does not feature sketches or characters but new bits, including a tribute to Bob Saget and a segment where he plays piano and sings songs.

JON LOVITZ performs at Planet Gemini, 625 Cannery Row in Monterey, Friday, Oct. 13, at 8pm. $45/general; $55/reserved seating. 373-1449.

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