Making the Best of It: Sing For Your Supper: Grapesteak offers a night of music and food on Jan. 23.Jane Morba

OUR LITTLE WORLD… Don’t forget the new release party for Talbott Vineyards’ 2001 Sleepy Hollow Chardonnay at its tasting room on Carmel Valley Road. It’s tomorrow, Friday the 14th, from 6pm to 8pm, and features other premium selections from the ’01 vintage as well as wine and cheese expert Michael Burke from the Cheese Shop in Carmel, who’ll be pairing beautiful artisanal cheeses. Call 659-3500 to reserve a spot, or get down there early Friday and beg, bribe or blubber your way in.

On Thursday the 13th through the 16th, in the main dining room at Peppoli, check out A Taste of Tuscany, with visiting chef Matia Barciulli. He’s the Executive Chef at Piero Antinori’s Osteria di Passignano in Tuscany, and he’ll be here creating a prix fixe menu based on the newly-pressed extra virgin olive oil from Peppoli Vineyard. Wines from the Antinori estates will be paired with each course. À la carte ordering is also an option, and Chef Matia will be making the rounds in the dining room to share his wit, wisdom and Italian charm. Call immediately, 647-7433, to squeeze yourself in.

On Jan. 23—that’s a Sunday—at 6pm, head out to Grapesteak Restaurant, around the corner from Talbott’s tasting room, for a night of live opera, show tunes and Broadway music to go along with a wonderful three-course dinner. The price is an unbelievably low $34.95 and includes complimentary hors d’oeuvres and wine tasting at Heller Estate’s tasting room an hour before the show.

André and Nargis Lengacher, who also own Lugano’s Swiss Bistro in the Barnyard Shopping Center, are the proprietors of Grapesteak, so you know the fun quotient will be high. Call the restaurant at 659-5020 for reservations. When you go, ask André and Nargis how they made out on the Kenyan safari they’re on right now. I called ahead before they left to alert the animals.

Start planning your trip to The Crystal Ball on Feb. 12. It’s an important and wonderful event at the Hyatt Regency put on by John XXIII AIDS Ministry, a community-based nonprofit agency providing housing, emotional support and HIV education, prevention and testing activities to those living with or at high risk for HIV/AIDS in Monterey and San Benito counties.

Kate Pride is the person to call if you have anything you’d like to donate for the silent auction, or if you want to purchase tickets or just make a donation…do it now. Call her at 655-1737 and do something wonderful.

Jan. 21 through 29 will be the seventh annual Salinas Rotary’s Valley of the World Wine and Food Festival. It showcases Monterey County wines and local restaurants. Events will be happening in venues from Tehama to Taste of Monterey to the Steinbeck Center. Call 595-3341 or 775-4721, or check out

THE BIGGER WORLD… During the writing of this, we are experiencing some beautifully introspection-provoking grayness in our daily weather patterns. This is the continuation of a couple of weeks of such weather, which corresponded to, horribly, the overwhelmingly tragic tsunami in southern Asia.

The devastating immediate effects of the quake are evolving into equally unfathomable repercussions, especially with regard to the need for pure water, the most important ingredient in sustaining life. Naturally, our first reaction to news of such magnitude is sorrow, depression and fear. One can only vaguely imagine the depth of those feelings in the residents of the areas directly hit.

The following is an interesting perspective from Masaru Emoto. His expertise is in the field of Hado, vibration research. Anyone who has seen the movie What the Bleep! Do We Know!? saw examples of his research on water molecules when exposed to different vibrational messages. Water, when exposed to positive vibrations such as love, happiness, etc., from humans, shows up in photographs as beautiful snowflake-like crystals. When exposed to negative vibrations of hate, anger, etc., they mutate into grotesque, misshapen abnormalities.

Emoto has issued a worldwide message in the hopes that everyone will send positive vibes to all the water in the region of the tsunami victims, in the hope that epidemics like cholera and other bio-organisms that flourish in a negative environment are less likely to spread:

As a Hado researcher, I am truly worried about this disaster. As well as the hygiene issue, I feel that the “vibrational fields” of the countries have extremely deteriorated. The “field” is created by feelings of fear, grief, worry, lack of trust, anger, loneliness and helplessness, and could energize the malevolent microorganisms that prefer this kind of environment.

People cannot help but have these feelings, and they probably carry the feelings with them. Many people feel this way and there seems to be some plundering going on, but their feelings of anger and hostility can only multiply the negativity of the “field.” Also we must take into account the emergence of a new epidemic.

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We have to limit the negative “field” in any way possible. I believe that there is already a spreading Hado (vibration) of fear due to the terrorist attack and bombing, and it is like a gasoline station with an oil leak that is about to explode.

What can we do? The only way is for people from all over the world to pray for the recovery of the affected area. The prayer will definitely carry far with the purity of its Hado. Therefore, from today, let’s close our eyes for a few seconds before our meal and send words of prayer to the countries. Let’s send a prayer for them before we go to sleep.

Through the research of the water crystals over the last ten years, I have proven that people’s pure energy of consciousness can change the water in areas that people have prayed for, regardless of the distance. Also, the most effective Hado prayer is the feeling of Love and Thanks. Now is the time to send everyone’s feeling of Love and Thanks to the Earth’s water.”

For revealing insight into Masaru Emoto’s incredible work, check out The Hidden Messages in Water from Beyond Words Publishing. It’s available in Carmel at Pilgrim’s Way Bookstore on Dolores and Sixth. Call 624-4955 and ask Paul about it. For the latest info on Emoto’s efforts, log onto and enlighten yourself and your friends.

Seventy percent of the Earth, as well as 70 percent of each of us humans is made up of water…think about it.

Think LOVE.

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