In the city of Monterey alone, there are 17 unsolved murders since 1971 that are begging for answers. These are the cases that Monterey detectives Leslie Sonne and Bill Clark face every day.

Detectives Bill Clark and Leslie Sonne get the toughest cases in the Monterey Police Department--the ones no one else has been able to solve.

Sept. 19, 1971

Theodore Skoll suffered a heart attack during a robbery at Montecito and Casa Verde.

Jan. 12, 1974

Patricia Jones, 32, was shot to death in an alley along the 2200 block of North Fremont.

Sept. 30, 1974

Peter Garcia, 27, was beaten to death in his apartment on 500 block of Scott Street.

March 11, 1976

Michael Bellemur, 47, a motel manager, was shot to death during a robbery at a motel in the 1100 block of Tenth Street.

Dec. 28, 1979

Ala'a Alroomi (male), 18, was shot to death in a friend's apartment in the 500 block of Glenwood Circle.

June 17, 1981

Sylvia Edgren, 49, was bludgeoned to death in her car in the 900 block of Casanova.

July 14, 1981

Itsuno Horita, 63, suffered a fatal head injury during a robbery on the 700 block of Casanova.

Sept. 18, 1982

Sheila Chavez, 18, was beaten and strangled to death in a ravine along the 600 block of Pacific.

March 4, 1984

Jerry James, 50, was beaten to death in his home in the 1200 block of Third Street.

July 13, 1984

Norman Friddle, 57, suffered a fatal head injury during a robbery at his home on the 200 block of Montecito.

Aug. 5, 1984

Diane Fox, 24, was reported missing from the 600 block of Airport; she died of "sharp force injury" and her body was found outside the city of Marina.

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Aug. 16, 1984

Francis DeAlvis, 58, was stabbed to death in his apartment in the 800 block of Hawthorne.

June 1, 1991

Stephen Briggs, 21, was shot to death on the Recreation Trail near the 600 block of Cannery Row.

May 29, 1992

Durwood Mills, 66, was stabbed to death during a robbery at his workplace in the 2200 block of North Fremont.

Dec. 1, 1993

Sharon Dahlgren, 63, was poisoned in her residence on the 300 block of Hannon.

April 8, 1995

James Finnegan, 41, was shot to death in his vehicle on the 2300 block of North Fremont.

Dec. 12, 1996

Starr Mooren, 30, was stabbed to death in her home on Via Buena Vista.

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