10. We have miles of paths, parks, coastline and scenery. Walk, jog, and hike to explore and experience.

9. Walking-friendly days abound, with an average yearly temperature of 56F. Beat that, Fresno!

8. Yearly rainfall averages only 18 inches per year, and our hands never touch a snow shovel. Chicago?

7. McDonald’s stops supersizing this month, and we’re lovin‚ it!

6. Organizations serving youth (the Ys, Boys and Girls Clubs, Girl Scouts) are incorporating nutrition education and healthy, active lifestyles into their work with kids, and the kids are getting smarter. Boys and Girls Club in Seaside is teaching kids to cook and eat healthier and is even working toward healthier vending machine options.

5. We live in the Salad Bowl of the World, and eating our 5-9 fruits and vegetables a day has never been easier. Eat the healthy stuff first, and you’ll be less tempted by empty calories.

4. Check out school lunches. Alisal Union School District and their 5 a Day program has won awards for moving way beyond corn dogs and tater tots. Students at AUSD’s Martin Luther King School raised green peas, sold them back to the school and served the peas at lunch as part of the school’s gourmet salad bar. Good health and good business!

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3. Let’s see a show of hands. How many of you walked to school as a kid? Pretty good. Now, how many of your kids walk to school? Hmmm, not so good. Get our kids moving by supporting Walk to School Week, Safe Routes to School, and Volunteer Crossing Guard programs.

2. Dust off the old Schwinn. Groups like Salinas’ Let Us Ride, promote alternative, non-polluting transportation, and a bike-friendly Salinas and beyond.

1. Dance, sing and celebrate your way into 2005. First Night Monterey and First Night Santa Cruz offer the best of the arts: musical, visual and participatory. It’s a lively, joyous and safe way for the whole family to step into a healthy, happy 2005.

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