Spontaneous Art: Supporting Cast: Redwood beams complement the appealing spaces at 24345 San Pedro Lane in Carmel. — Hali HJones

Lynne Nelson says that about eight years ago she and her husband Fred were on their way to Costco doing typical weekend errands. Just as they passed Carpenter Street, Lynne noticed a sign for an open house and told her husband they ought to go see it, and no, actually, she didn’t know why. The Nelsons were already living in their permanent home, and so, just for the fun of it, they altered their route and followed the signs. Once there, they looked and lingered and talked about the this and the that of the place, perhaps like a couple visiting an exhibit. Then Lynne wanted to go get a 7-Up somewhere, so they said they’d be back, and after they bought the 7-Up they bought the house. “We fell in love with it when we walked in,” she says.

That story makes perfect sense when one enters the house today. The appeal of it wraps around like a sweet breeze, not too close, just warm and pleasing. Constructed in 1973, the house wasn’t built to be either trendy or temporary. A group known as Stone Post and Flower takes the credit for this home and quite a few other beautiful, sturdy homes in Carmel, and this one has obviously been much loved and cared for.

Built with clear-heart redwood, there are full rounds approximately 36 inches in circumference that support the ceiling with industrial-weight hardware bolted to mighty crossbeam slabs. Such construction terminology threatens to define the house too roughly—it’s a sweetheart in any lingo, solid, balanced and graceful with two floors of intelligently laid-out rooms and a truly magnificent barrel roof (picture a barrel cut in half lengthwise) the height of great vaulted ones but with the sensuality of curves instead of hard angles.

Upon arrival, one’s first smile is for the color of the single garage door and double-door entry to an unseen courtyard. Both are deep French blue, so painterly and satisfying against the wood house. The walled-in courtyard is generously sized and utterly private with the added privilege of hosting the front entry. Double antique doors from France in natural wood with beveled glass replace what originally were sliders. Now they’re rich portals to a special house with two bedrooms and two baths in only 1,260 square feet that nevertheless feels and functions like so much more.

What might be a square foyer in one house is the library/den of this one and what a room it is. With the French doors at one end letting the light and view come through and the balustrades from the open staircase ahead revealing the living room beyond (while also serving as a screen from it), the library is a great place to get stuck not bothering to go any further. That’s a hurdle that seems to repeat several times with this house.

The poetry of the house is partly created by the different phrasing of the two floors. Downstairs where one enters, the house speaks of a comfy personal cottage complete with living room fireplace and deck, plus a dining room that enjoys intimacy with evergreens swishing freely just beyond the windows. On the second floor, where the barrel roof is the ceiling, the measure is grand in both the handsome master and the big guest room at opposing end of the hall.

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This house may not be a Carmel mansion, but what a perfect castle it makes.

Price: $930,000. 24345 San Pedro Lane, Carmel.Contact Lore Lingner, CRS, Coldwell Banker Del Monte Realty, 809-6208.

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