Mar Vista accident scene

A worker was hired to scrub away marks along a driveway and a retaining wall struck by a truck owned by Seaside Police Cpl. Alex Sakhrani. 

The incident appears on the Monterey Police Department’s online log as “traffic accident/mar vista dr, monterey” with the report number YA2101374 attached. The incident occurred on Tuesday, April 13, and it’s one that has Monterey police pulling video footage from the bar at the Monterey Elks Lodge—and also has Seaside Police offering a firm “no comment.”

Per multiple sources with knowledge of the situation who declined to be identified because they’re not authorized to speak to the media, the traffic accident happened after Seaside Police Cpl. Alex Sakhrani left the Elks Lodge and drove his Toyota Tundra through the yard of a nearby residence at 27 Mar Vista Drive and into a retaining wall at that address, just down the block from the Elks Lodge.

The sources also say that Sakhrani's truck hit parked cars along the way, and that he later returned to offer financial compensation to the owners of the cars hit by his truck. 

For some time, those sources say, police could not locate Sakhrani and he did not answer his cell phone when they attempted to contact him.

At least part of the incident was confirmed the morning of April 14 by Seaside City Manager Craig Malin, who states in an email, “Information I received this morning is that Sakhrani’s truck left the roadway, went into a yard and hit a retaining wall.” The report of Sakhrani leaving the scene, Malin adds, is accurate. 

Seaside Police Chief Abdul Pridgen declined to comment. Monterey Police Chief Dave Hober states in a written message, “Neither me or my staff are going to comment, confirm or deny information about an ongoing investigation that may or may not be occurring involving a specific individual.”

An Elks Lodge employee reached on Wednesday, April 14, says Monterey officers came to the bar earlier in the day to pull surveillance footage from the bar’s camera and cull through receipts.

"We really don't know anything," the employee says. "The guy was here, he left, there was a crash and that's all we know. The police were here today to look at the video." 

One of the sources who asked not to be identified says Seaside police also went to the Monterey department Thursday as well, likely in advance of an internal affairs investigation. 

Sakhrani is the head of the Seaside Police Officers Association (POA), but in February was stripped of his police powers, barred from entering the police station or any other city building not accessible to the public and placed on administrative leave pending the outcome of an investigation. While officials haven’t confirmed the nature of the investigation, sources say it involves the use of excessive force.

Sakhrani’s POA attorney, Josh Olander of the firm Mastagni Holstedt, said at the time Sakhrani was placed on leave that the issue didn’t involve excessive force, but declined to specify the reason. Reached about the hit-and-run investigation, Olander declined to comment. 

The case was forwarded to the Monterey County District Attorney’s Office on Wednesday, April 14, for possible charges. A District Attorney's representative did not immediately respond to a request for comment. 

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Fred Dodsworth

Cops behaving badly... especially union chiefs... seems to be epidemic these days. Mayhaps the Police need to start policing themselves. This is NOT ACCEPTABLE!!

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