You come to two doors. One leads to hell, the other to your goal. Standing in front of them are two men. One lies all the time and one tells the truth. You can only ask one question about which door to take. How do you know which one is right? The fact is, everybody lies--even these poor people who were at least honest enough with themselves to have some fun with the subject!

Wayne Allen

Construction worker, Seaside

What is a lie you hear all the time? "The car won''t start," if some guy is late for work.

Anyone ever catch you in a lie? My wife always thinks I lie--every day!

Why do people lie? Because they are usually guilty of something. I mean, there are people who believe their own lies!

Bailo Maharjan

Fine artist, Monterey

What is the best lie you''ve heard? Well, when I first moved here from Nepal, people here lied about where the bathroom was.

Have you ever lied? I don''t lie, you know, I just get confused and make mistakes.

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What is the most damaging type of lie? The type where time is involved, like time-sensitive ones.

Veronica Vargas

Visual artist, Seaside

Is omission as bad as lying? As bad? ...Yes.

Have you ever caught anyone in a lie? Yes, my boyfriend went to a bar and was hanging out with my sister''s friends. He told me he was at Great America. He''s never even seen the place!

Do you think a liar believes anyone else? No, they don''t believe anyone.

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