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Executive Officer Michael Houlemard said FORA has received letters “not exactly threatening litigation,” but mentioning it.

The Fort Ord Reuse Authority, which was formed by the state in 1994 to oversee the redevelopment of the former Fort Ord, is still struggling with how to make itself go away.

The state legislature originally approved a sunset date of 2014, but due to the Great Recession and other factors, redevelopment didn’t occur at anywhere near the expected pace, and in 2012, state legislators extended FORA’s sunset date to June 2020.

As part of that extension, FORA is required to submit a transition plan to the Local Agency Formation Commission of Monterey County by Dec. 30, 2018, assigning its assets and liabilities to its member jurisdictions – several cities and Monterey County – which they will take on when FORA goes away.

With that Dec. 30 deadline approaching, FORA staff has been scrambling to come up with a transition plan that all of its member jurisdictions can agree to. The latest iteration of that plan was presented to the FORA board on Monday, Oct. 29, after it was released late in the afternoon Oct. 26, a Friday.

But all the rush was for naught: The board did not even vote on whether to approve the plan, as some board members were concerned about fiscal impacts to their jurisdictions, and some wanted to first present it to their respective city councils.

The FORA board will again consider approving the draft plan – or perhaps a different plan – on Nov. 9. What the plan submitted to LAFCO will look like remains an open question.

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