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When Todd Bodem was hired in 2014, the city administrator position had been open for six month after his predecessor retired.

During interviews over the summer, Todd Bodem, who was hired as Sand City’s city administrator in October 2014, mentioned that his contract was soon up for renewal – it was set to expire at the end of September – and expressed hope that he’d be able to stay on the job.

That did not happen – Bodem, who did not respond to requests for comment, resigned Sept. 29, according to Sand City City Attorney Vibeke Norgaard. (Norgaard came on as city attorney Sept. 1, replacing Jim Heisinger, who retired from the job.) Norgaard says Bodem’s resignation was verbal, and that a written resignation is forthcoming.

Sand City Mayor Mary Ann Carbone, when asked about the resignation, says, “The city was just moving in another direction.” When asked what direction that is, Carbone says, “The city’s still going in the same direction. It’s just Todd has chosen a different direction.

“Todd’s a great guy. The city just wishes him well,” Carbone says. “He was a very nice city administrator, and there have been a lot of good things there.”

The hiring process for Bodem’s replacement has not yet begun. Norgaard says City Council will approve Bodem’s separation agreement – the details of which are not yet public – on Oct. 16.

During Bodem’s tenure, the city hired Police Chief Brian Ferrante, approved a large apartment and housing development that would more than double the city’s population, and saw developer Ed Ghandour, after more than 20 years of effort, finally break ground on the Monterey Bay Shores resort and condo project along the city’s northern coastline.

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