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The economic impacts of Covid-19 remain very real, even as some people have come back to work. The County Board of Supervisors allocated $1.25 million of CARES Act money to support rent and utilities payments, in partnership with several local cities and nonprofits. United Way Monterey County is running the program. Those who have lost income in the last several months or owe rent may also be eligible.

Call 211 to determine eligibility or visit


The world of grant writing is competitive and requires organization and a clear vision. A guiding hand from experienced people doesn’t hurt either. Learn how to increase success in grant writing from pros Arlene Krebs and Pat Skinner of Arts Council for Monterey County. They walk prospective applicants through the process, including what applications look like from an evaluator’s point of view.

2pm Friday, Oct. 16. Register via email.


Bad news first: Because state-sponsored Covid-19 testing sites require 85-percent utilization, a site in Greenfield is closing on Oct. 17, due to underutilization. The good news is that another site is opening beginning Oct. 20. Essential workers or people who think they may have been in contact with someone who has Covid-19 are especially encouraged to get tested. Call in advance or go online to make an appointment.

8am-7pm, Tuesday Oct. 20 is the first day of testing at Seaside High School, 220 Noche Buena St., Seaside. Free. To make an appointment, call 888-634-1123 or visit More Covid-19 testing information available at


There are a lot of deadlines and dates to remember for Election Day. Here’s the next important date: Oct. 19. That’s the last day eligible people can register to vote in the Nov. 3 election. To check your status or update your information, head over to the Secretary of State’s website or Monterey County Elections Office.

Midnight on Oct. 19 is the deadline to register to vote online; 5pm Oct. 19 is the deadline to register in person. Monterey County Elections Office, 1441 Schilling Place, Salinas. 796-1499,

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