The Weekly Taly 01.05.23


Law school deans Mitch Winick (Monterey College of Law) and Jackie Gardina (Santa Barbara and Ventura) are used to teaching aspiring lawyers about the legal framework that protects civil rights. With a new podcast, Sidebar, they are expanding their audience. They air an episode the first and third Saturday of each month (at, interrogating rights we may take for granted. “We want to focus on those fundamental rights that really serve as the bedrock,” Gardina said. Their Dec. 17 episode, “Vigilante Federalism,” examines laws like Texas’ SB 8, which empowers private people to sue to enforce laws, such as abortion restrictions or teachers discussing banned content. “As we grant rights to the groups that are going to enforce these laws – and as the laws are used to bully and intimidate their targets – that’s going to have effects for the way people participate in democratic life,” said their guest, law professor David Noll. “If you’re saying that outraged people have the ability to sue people who are seeking abortions, or LGBTQ+ kids who just want play on a sports team – what you’re doing is changing who gets to have rights to participate in democratic society.”


“My clients urge the school board to rethink this massive project.” - Attorney Molly Erickson, representing a group called Preserving the Peace, that won a legal victory against MPUSD over its stadium lights project at Monterey High School (see story,



Good news for the Monterey Regional Airport and local travelers: The airport secured a $2.14 million grant from the U.S. Department of Transportation, meaning the airport now has a total of $4.2 million designated for the design and construction of a new terminal. (The grant money comes from the bipartisan infrastructure bill for 2022-23.) Michael La Pier, the airport executive director, said they have selected HOK Group Inc., a St. Louis, Missouri-based construction firm, for the project and are currently negotiating with architects on the project’s scope. Construction on the new terminal is expected to start by April of 2023, and should take a year to complete. The new terminal will be fully funded with airport revenue and the recent grants. It will be more modern than the existing terminal, originally built in 1950, and also safer, with a bigger setback from taxiways.


The three people who rescued swimmer Steve Bruemmer on June 22, after he was bitten by a great white shark off of Lovers Point in Pacific Grove, have won the prestigious Carnegie Medal, awarded to civilians who risk their lives to save others. Folsom-based husband-wife team Paul Bandy, a police officer, and Aimee Johns, a nurse, along with Heath Braddock, a surf instructor from North Monterey County, are each receiving a medal and an unspecified financial grant after assisting Bruemmer, who was bleeding profusely, and bringing him back to shore. He was rushed to Natividad Hospital where he underwent successful surgery. The Carnegie Hero Fund, founded by industrialist Andrew Carnegie in 1904, is awarded to people in the U.S. and Canada “who enter extreme danger while saving or attempting to save the lives of others,” according to the Carnegie Hero Fund Commission.

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James Toy

It's going to take a year or more just to design the new airport terminal, so I think that an April 2023 start date for construction is unlikely.

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