The Weekly Tally 0523.19


The self-described “wandering poet” Naomi Shihab Nye wanders into town this week, adding Tassajara Zen Center to her long list of stops in Asia, Europe, South America, the Middle East and beyond. She’s the winner of a long and impressive list of poetry prizes, and her work has been published far and wide. She co-leads a workshop with Ryushin Paul Haller, a former San Francisco Zen Center abbot who’s led mindfulness programs to assist with treatment of depression. Their workshop, titled “Words Under the Words,” is open to all, poets or otherwise: “Everyone is already experienced. We are always beginners,” the website reads. Sounds like a poem.

Mon-Fri May 26-31. Tassajara Zen Mountain Center, 39171 Tassajara Road, Carmel Valley. $422. 659-2229,


On May 10, San Francisco police, accompanied by a couple of FBI agents, brought a warrant and a sledgehammer to the home of freelance journalistBryan Carmody, the end goal being to find out who leaked the report on the death of crusading Public Defender Jeff Adachi, the details of which are salacious. They held the journalist, in handcuffs, for about six hours while they ransacked his home and office. While they seized the leaked report as well as Carmody’s computers, cameras, notebooks and other property, they found no details of the source who provided it to Carmody. The outcry was immediate and relentless – Carmody, like all journalists, is protected by the state’s Shield Law, which prohibits the government from targeting a journalist’s newsgathering material. His attorneys have filed a motion asking a judge to void the search warrant and return Carmody’s property. On May 21, a judge ordered Carmody’s property returned, and will hear arguments at a subsequent hearing about opening the sealed warrant to scrutiny.



From the very first episode of HBO’s first season of Big Little Lies wine was a part of the Monterey lifestyle lived by the ladies of Otter Bay Elementary. Renata (Laura Dern) struck a graceful pose, holding a glass of red while overlooking the Pacific Ocean from the deck of her magnificent hilltop home that episode. The wine just kept on flowing from there. For Season 2, the producers asked the Monterey County Vintners and Growers Association to curate all of the wines and micro-beers used on the show. The good news this week is the MCVGA and some local winemakers are headed to New York City for the gala premier on May 29, in a super secret location that MCVGA Executive Director Kim Stemler says she’s not allowed to divulge. The winemakers and owners will be pouring wines for more than 600 star-studded guests. The season premier for Big Little Lies Season 2 is June 9.


The U.S. Army slashed this year’s “temporary duty” budget, which means 700 Defense Language Institute students will miss out on an opportunity to study abroad this summer. The overseas immersion program was established in 2005 to enhance language instruction and cultural competency through real-world interactions in Europe, East Asia, the Middle East and Latin America. Students consider the program, which offers immersions of three to six weeks, to be educationally “irreplaceable,” according to DLI’s website. In addition to classroom instruction, students partake in daily out-of-class activities and weekly field trips. The cut is temporary and the immersion program will be reinstated in October after the new fiscal year begins, DLI spokesperson Natela Cutter says. She adds no layoffs will occur: “There is absolutely no impact to our civilian workforce.”

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