The Weekly Tally 11.07.19


In the early 1970s, black firefighters in the San Jose area were fighting for the right to be treated on par with white firefighters. They formed theSanta Clara County Black Firefighters Association in 1973, later folding into the International Association of Professional Black Firefighters, formed in 1970 on the East Coast. Since then the group has evolved to include advocacy for advancement of firefighters of color and women. Over the years of working together members in IAPBFF’s Southwest region have become very close, says Monterey resident Dudley “Trusty” Bynoe, a founding member of the original Santa Clara County group. Retired members started an annual reunion four years ago to socialize and “remember the people we’ve lost,” Bynoe says. They’re in town this week to catch up, play golf and enjoy a celebratory dinner.

Thu-Sun Nov. 7-10, Monterey Tides Hotel, 2600 Sand Dunes Drive, Monterey. Free to members.


Twitter co-founder and CEO Jack Dorsey takes a lot of heat, and rightfully so, for letting actual fake news and white racist rhetoric profligate on his platform. But unlike his contemporary, Facebook founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg, who on Facebook’s third quarter 2019 earnings call on Oct. 30 stated that Facebook will continue to allow political ads to run without fact-checking them to see if they’re honest or full of lies, Dorsey drew a line in the sand. On Oct. 30, Twitter announced it would ban all political ads – defined as ads that refer to an election or candidate, and ads that advocate for or against legislative issues of national importance, including climate change, health care, national security and immigration. According to Vijaya Gadde, Twitter’s lead for legal, policy and trust & safety, Twitter is working through the details of the new policy and plans to provide more details on the final definition (and a few well-defined exceptions, like voter registration efforts) on Nov. 15.

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On Friday, Nov. 1, VNA & Hospice of the Central Coast revealed their newest program to make health care, includng end-of-life care, more accessible to South County residents. The nonprofit launched the Latino Mobile Resource Center as part of its Juntos con Esperanza (Together with Hope) partnership. The VNA & Hospice team states that they hope “the van will make it easier to bridge a gap among Latinos living in South County – expanding end-of-life services with respect for language, culture, faith and family.” It’s the nonprofit’s way of helping disseminate services in an area of Monterey County that often doesn’t receive centralized services. True to its community-inspired and hands-on nature, VNA & Hospice’s very own medical social worker, Linda Rios, made the van into a memorable sight, painting one side of the vehicle with an image of VNA nurses standing in a field of calla lilies.


Things got awkward at the Pacific Grove City Council meeting on Oct. 30. The council was asked to approve a $121,000 expenditure – three times the original estimate – for tenant improvements already completed inside the Holman Building to accommodate temporary digs for the P.G. Public Library. “Blindsided” was how Councilmember Robert Huitt described how he felt about it. “I wish we didn’t have to make this decision; in fact I’m not sure that we actually have a choice,” he said. City Attorney David Laredo confirmed to council they did not, even though city spending policies weren’t followed by City Manager Ben Harvey. Councilmember Jenny McAdams requested a future discussion “regarding the city manager’s spending authority.” The library has opened in the Holman, and will remain in operation there until renovations of the 111-year-old library building are completed, expected in fall 2020.

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