The Weekly Tally 11.21.19


If you have the feeling that the upheaval we’re experiencing in society and the environment, from political chaos to climate crisis, is all interrelated, you’re not alone. Author Charles Eisenstein believes that deep down some part of us knows the Earth’s climate is linked to the political, social and spiritual climate. Eisenstein is the author of two books on ecological crisis, The More Beautiful World Our Hearts Know Is Possible (2013), and Climate – A New Story(2018). He’s in town this week to lead his workshop, “Climate Change Inside and Out.” The workshop is billed as “a radical take on earth healing that totally rewrites the climate narrative.” Attendees will do inner work “to release the despair narrative and to embrace an activated empowered hope for planetary healing.”

Fri-Sun Nov. 22-24. Esalen Institute, 55000 Highway 1, Big Sur. $310-$2,960; sold out.


The merger between the nation’s two largest newspaper companies, GateHouse Media and Gannett, is a go. As we reported in August when merger talks were announced, the new mega-newspaper organization (which will use the name Gannett) will own one in every six papers in the U.S., according to theCenter for Innovation and Sustainability in Local Media at University of North Carolina. It will publish more than 260 daily and over 300 weekly papers in 47 states. Both GateHouse and Gannett have reputations for slashing staff and shrinking newsrooms. Gannett owns 154 daily newspapers including USA Today, and locally, the Salinas Californian; GateHouse owns 152 dailies. On Nov. 15, the day after the merger was finalized, Gannett’s stock price dropped 1.17 percent; for GateHouse’s parent company, New Media Investment Group, it rose 3.12 percent. “Together, we will be stronger, with a more viable path to growth for our shareholders and employees,” New Media CEO Michael Reed said in a statement.

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A 14-year-old goalkeeper from Salinas got signed by the San Jose Earthquakes, making him the youngest player with a Major League Soccer contract in the United States since the rise of Freddy Adu 15 years ago. Emmanuel “Emi” Ocha got his start with the youth team El Camino FC in Salinas and theSanta Cruz Breakers Academy. The Quakes will train and house Ocha for a while longer before fielding him as goalie in the future. “Emi plays with a technical ability and confidence well beyond his age and is one of the top prospects in the youth national team system,” the team’s general manager Jesse Fioranelli said after the signing. Ocha is of Mexican descent and reportedly had been receiving interest from Mexican soccer clubs before the Quakes swept him up. The team took advantage of the league’s Homegrown program to claim a player cultivated in the local soccer scene.


Scientists at Moss Landing Marine Labs and the Marine Wildlife Veterinary Care and Research Center in Santa Cruz report that over the past 20 years, Monterey County has had the highest rate of marine life entanglements. Drawing from citizen science, the researchers surveyed beaches from six Central Coast counties, documenting animals like seabirds and seals that had died from entanglement in marine debris. The report, which will be published inMarine Pollution Bulletin in December, cites monofilament fishing line (which is used by recreational fishers) as the most common cause. Animals most commonly found dead were seabirds. Citing Monterey Bay’s increased fishing activity both on and offshore, the authors suggest increasing “efforts to target educational outreach for California recreational fishers prior to summer months,” when entanglements were most commonly reported.

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