The Weekly Tally 09.26.19


Determining the value of property is a tricky thing in any circumstance, but what about rural property? The American Society of Farm Managers & Rural Appraisers trains appraisers and farm managers on what to look for in rural and agricultural lands, and the California chapter of this industry group gathers for an annual meeting in Monterey this week. It kicks off with a session on the personalities of agriculture and a focus on emotional intelligence, followed by a seminar on valuation of packing, processing and cold storage facilities. A tour includes stops at Ocean Mist Farms’ cooler and artichoke fields in Castroville and hydroponic rose grower California Pajarosa Floral in Watsonville.

Tue-Fri Oct. 1-4. Casa Munras, 700 Munras Ave., Monterey. $229-$999/members ASFMRA; $279-$1,199/nonmembers. (209) 368-3672,


In editorials, Paul Miller, the publisher of the Carmel Pine Cone, regularly declares his aversion to government spending on public services. It’s kind of ironic then, that his newspaper is a new beneficiary of a new taxpayer-funded initiative. A California State Library project called California Revealedhas paid to make the entire archive of the paper – going back to 1915 – accessible online, where the public can search 4,762 Pine Cone issues by keyword. The collection is hosted on and instructions on how to search it are available on the website of the Harrison Memorial Library at As the scandals around Facebook’s data breaches have shown, the internet does not always foster a more informed citizenry. But the digitization of newspapers is a shining example of how to democratize access to knowledge. In the coming months and years, professional and amateur researchers will dig through Pine Cone archives to reveal forgotten histories that will entertain, shock or cause us to reflect.



Since 2015, electric bicycles have been banned on all Bureau of Land Management lands. That’s about to change, thanks to U.S. Department of the Interior Order No. 3376, signed by Secretary of Interior David Bernhardt Aug. 29, lifting the ban. Bernhardt said the order is meant to “increase recreational opportunities for all Americans, especially those with physical limitations.” Fort Ord National Monument manager Eric Morgan notes the change to existing trails hasn’t yet taken effect, but it will apply to all future planning and trail use designations. He expects more people with disabilities to get outside, beyond the dozen or so who have already applied to his office for exemptions to the ban. “We are striving to provide more access for more people to enjoy the outdoors,” Morgan says. “It’s hard to appreciate the natural environment if you can’t see it.”


As the Weekly goes to print, the UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change is meeting in Monaco for the latest doozy in climate change research. A first-ever report about the state of the planet’s oceans, released on Sept. 25, paints a picture of how climate change is wreaking havoc on marine ecosystems. The report shows that humans are pushing the ocean to its limits. The Earth’s oceans absorb over 90 percent of the heat trapped by greenhouse gases, as well as a quarter of the carbon dioxide that humans release into the atmosphere, helping limit the severity of global warming – once the ocean is pushed beyond its ability to absorb heat, the rest of the planet will warm even faster. More immediate negative effects, already documented, are expected in coastal areas. The report was prepared by 104 scientists from 36 countries.

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