Due to mounting economic concerns regarding the coronavirus pandemic, the Monterey Peninsula Housing Coalition urges immediate action to ensure that housing for our residents is not put at risk due to evictions and foreclosures. Local leadership, in coordination with state and federal directives, is required to provide for the health and safety of our residents. 

Members of the Monterey Peninsula Housing Coalition are committed to championing legislation that protects renters in our region. 

Last week, the city of San Jose moved to enact an eviction moratorium for at least 30 days for residents who can show they cannot pay rent because of a loss of income related to COVID-19. The mayors of San Francisco and Los Angeles appear to be preparing similar initiatives.

Locally, the Monterey County Board of Supervisors unanimously approved a moratorium on eviction proceedings through May 31. 

We call upon the 12 local cities in Monterey County to issue similar moratoriums. So far, Marina has done so. (The county's moratorium applies only to unincorporated Monterey County.) 

We’re mindful that this will be challenging for some property owners, but as San Jose Mayor Sam Liccardo expressed, “It’s important for us to recognize that this pain is going to be broadly felt, and we have to do everything in our power to try and soften the blow.”

Additionally, a letter sent to Gov. Gavin Newsom from eight California lawmakers stated, “An increase in evictions, terminations of housing assistance, foreclosures and related negative actions will affect the ability of community members to maintain good hygiene and take the basic measures that we have all been advised to take in order to protect ourselves and our communities.”

The California Apartment Association issued a statement making it clear that it “agrees that renters facing financial turmoil because of coronavirus should not have to worry about keeping a roof over their heads. The government has a role to play in helping to protect all citizens, and CAA is engaged with policymakers to ensure that any forthcoming legislation is fair to both renters and property owners.”

The Monterey Peninsula Housing Coalition is committed to working with local property owners and various other stakeholders to find workable solutions that keep people housed during this time.

Our responsibility to keep our residents safe, now and and in the future, requires swift and bold action. Decisions we make today to ensure stable housing for our workforce will support our efforts to rebuild our economy once the immediate crisis of the virus passes.

To that end, our coalition is working with the Monterey Bay Economic Partnership to reach across city boundaries and develop a truly regional solution that will help us all weather the current and future significant disruptions. Their regional perspective on the economy and unique ability to connect with all sectors makes them a great partner as we work on realistic housing solutions.

Decisive action to protect residents and preserve housing is potentially the greatest impact we can have to stabilize our region during these difficult times. 

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Tyller Williamson, Councilmember, Monterey

Wendy Root Askew, board member, Monterey Peninsula Unified School District 

Jon Wizard, Councilmember, Seaside

Alison Kerr, mayor, Del Rey Oaks

Jenny McAdams, Councilmember, Pacific Grove

Adam Urrutia, Councilmember, Marina

Jeff Baron, Councilmember, Carmel

Yuri Anderson, board member, Monterey Peninsula College 

Ian Oglesby, mayor, Seaside

Mary Ann Carbone, mayor, Sand City

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