We are now in our third year of Big Little Lies. No, not the HBO show. I’m talking about the reality show playing out at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. each and every day, starring The Donald, Rudy, Kellyanne and friends.

“The Big Lie” is a propaganda term purportedly coined by no other than Adolf Hitler. I am not, and would not, compare Donald Trump to the Führer. Hitler, of course, was responsible for the death of millions of people. Trump, on the other hand, is responsible for murdering the truth.

The president tells so many little lies – more than 12,000 at last count, according to our fact-checking friends at the Washington Post – that it’s nearly impossible to keep track. Even the Monterey Five of Big Little Lies fame would have a hard time keeping up with this president.

The tweeter-in-chief has finally moved on from the “no collusion, no obstruction, complete exoneration” lie that he kept telling about the Mueller report. Bear in mind, the actual report said nothing of the sort. But Trump and friends told that lie so many times that people actually started believing him.

And just when you thought it was safe to watch the news again, the Ukraine scandal bubbles up. The president and his minions are conducting a clinic in lying. When presidential adviser Kellyanne Conway coined the term “alternative facts” she might as well have been talking about this mess.

Trump has lied about the whistleblower, the call with the Ukrainian president that started the whole thing, the congressional Democrats who are investigating it, the Bidens, even the Constitution itself. He has actually had the temerity to call the Democrats’ investigation “unconstitutional.” And that’s the crux of his reasoning for ignoring subpoenas, and refusing to cooperate.

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The “Little Lies” are also nothing short of stunning. It all started on day one, when Trump sent his then-press secretary Sean Spicer out to address the press and say Trump had the largest inaugural crowd in history. Spoiler alert: He didn’t. Trump lied about the election itself, claiming 3 million “illegals” voted. He even formed a commission to investigate it. Guess what? The commission was disbanded without finding anything. He’s lied about wind power, saying turbines cause cancer. Lied about golf, saying he wasn’t going to play at all. Lied about paying hush money to an adult film star. Lied about his father’s birthplace. Lied about Barack Obama’s birthplace. In fact, that’s the lie that started it all. Trump was one of the pioneers of the “Birther” campaign, knowingly spreading the falsity that Obama was born in Kenya. Obama was born in the United States.

Fast forward to today. We are in the middle of an impeachment inquiry. We’re enduring a president who lies several times a day. And we are heading into an election year, which will only result in more Big Little Lies from the Pinocchio-in-Chief.

LARRY EPSTEIN is an executive producer at RNN-TV, former executive producer at MSNBC and former senior producer at the Fox News Channel and Fox Business.

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