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Letters to the Editor 12.01.22

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Turkey v. Pie

I enjoyed your article on Thanksgiving traditions (“A reporter recalls fond memories of Thanksgivings past,” posted Nov. 24). We have a long-standing Thanksgiving tradition called “Pie Night.” Pies are often underappreciated on Thanksgiving, because we’re usually way too full to eat much dessert.

So, we started Pie Night, which has only pies for dinner on Thanksgiving Eve. This way you get to enjoy the pies in all their glory while spending time with family and friends. And of course, talking about all the great food you’ll have the next day! Plus, there’s still usually some pie left for Thanksgiving. That’s our family Thanksgiving tradition. Mike Sheehan | Prunedale

~ ~ ~

Thank you very much for sharing this beautiful story of your family’s traditions. Reading it made me feel so happy and warm inside. Vanessa Yee | Salinas

[Pam Marino’s] article today sharing your wonderful Thanksgiving memories at your grandmother’s home was a joy to read. Thank you for the details, making me feel like I was there as well.

I remember the hustle and bustle of all the aunts gathered in my grandmother’s kitchen preparing the meal with her, the men sitting around talking in the living room, and all of us cousins running around playing games and getting underfoot.

As was tradition, my cousins Linda, Mona and I would put on a show at some point after the meal, each singing a few songs. We’d charge one penny admission to make it seem like a “real performance” and all the adults would gather and smile at us despite our ability to sing. I guess that’s where I got my start as a performing musician! Andrea Carter | Pacific Grove

Dying in Jail

My husband, Juan Carlos Chavez, passed away in our county jail in April (“A crisis of deaths by suicide continues to plague the Monterey County Jail,” May 12-18). [Details about] his death have still not been released to the public. My husband did not commit suicide, he was murdered. The Sheriff’s Department has done everything that they can do to cover it up.

The sheriff-elect, Tina Nieto, has the full support of my and my husband’s family. Hopefully with new staff, these unnecessary deaths would be able to be prevented in the future. This is so sad.

I invite this man’s family to contact me (“Another inmate dies at Monterey County Jail under uncertain circumstances,” posted Nov. 15). Maybe we can all work together to come up with some ideas to make sure that this never happens again. Anabel Chavez | Watsonville

~ ~ ~

My condolences to you and your family, Anabel. David [John Sand] was one of my younger brothers. Although we did receive some details, we have many unanswered questions as to the circumstances of David’s death.

This is a tough time of year for families that are grieving. I hope you’re surrounded by loved ones and can find some peace. Ryan Sand | Seaside

Feeling Thrifty

I was surprised the Monterey Peninsula Volunteer Services (MPVS) Benefit Shop was not mentioned in the sampling of thrift stores (“Secondhand shopping doubles as philanthropic support at many local benefit shops,” Nov. 24-30).

Money raised from sales at the store stay within the county and help myriad local nonprofits, not just one specific organization. Some that benefitted in the past have been Meals On Wheels, Interim Inc., the Monterey Peninsula College Reading Center and the Dare To Dream Fund, among others. I donate items to the MPVS Benefit Shop because the money raised stays in our community.

The MPVS Benefit Shop is located at 655 Broadway Ave., Seaside. For information and hours,

Shop local. Donate local. Clark Coleman | Pacific Grove

~ ~ ~

[Secondhand shopping is] a good hedge against inflation for consumers. Scott Cunningham | Carmel Valley

Don’t be doing these stories – we don’t need rich people walking in and taking what belongs to people who have none (“Thrifting is increasingly cool, creative and eco-friendly. But truly conscious consumerism takes ongoing work,” Nov. 24-30). Ginger Ellen Espinoza | via social media

History, Revisited

Well done, David Schmalz! (“As American expansion exerted pressure ever westward, Monterey County became a scene in the crossfire,” Nov. 17-23.) These are history lessons that should be taught in local schools alongside the standard lessons. Looking way back to my early school years, I would have loved to know why and after whom streets and locations that bear the names they do, to feel more connected to the community I lived in back then.

I can’t help but feel that learning this type of history that directly connects us to where we live is important information we can all benefit from at any age. Thanks for doing just that. Esther Malkin | Monterey

Course Correction

Good work! (“CSUMB launches a new agriculture degree, hoping to retain local students and future workers,” Nov. 17-23.) Jake J. Thomas | via social media

Puppy Love

Congratulations to Carie Broecker and Peace of Mind Dog Rescue! (“Two organizations achieve success finding homes for senior dogs and cats,” Nov. 24-30.) Please vote to help us win the $100,000 award that will help us to care for more senior pets and senior people. Our annual medical budget alone is $500,000. It’s quick and easy and you can vote once per day until Dec 6 at Thank you! Cathy Heape | Pebble Beach

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