Letters to the Editor 12.03.20

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Good Cop, Bad Cop

Your article regarding the Pacific Grove PD officer incident is typical of our society currently attacking police officers even after they have been vindicated (“Pacific Grove said case closed on a police officer’s militant stickers. A petition says, not yet,” posted Nov. 24).

This officer is a good family man, Christian and an upstanding citizen with a good conduct record until this blemish. He is also Latino and understands how his faux pas affects the offended in this case. He has apologized and has been cleared, end of story!

This citizen watch group in Pacific Grove needs to find better things to do with their time. The entire PGPD has an impeccable record of good citizens within their ranks for a long record of service to the community.

Have a Happy Thanksgiving Pagrovians, and be thankful you have such a professional and well trained police force that protects and serves you each day. Ray Rasul and Barbara Sullivan | Pebble Beach

I’m a 61-year-old Black American. I understand that some people did not like the stickers on his personal vehicle. But regardless of his position in the city of P.G., he has the right under the Constitution to put his opinion on his truck. Our society has become weak-minded and intolerant on both sides. Though I do not agree with his statements or outlook, I support his right to state or display what he believes.

As a Black man I have had the opportunity to socialize with skinheads, KKK members and other racial bigots. In some cases, a few have become good friends after spending time together and getting to know and understand each other. People need to reach out in love and open lines of dialogue to create change.

Duane Shaw | Carmel

Obviously, this unnamed Pacific Grove police officer has an alternate agenda and DOES NOT earn the right to be employed by Pacific Grove taxpayers (“Pacific Grove officer at the center of controversy again as city launches new investigation,” posted Nov. 29). Roy Jordan | Pebble Beach

It seems the Pacific Grove Police Department has intentional blinders on. Jake Fathy | via social media

I know it’s a quaint, old-fashioned way of thinking but what anyone for any reason places on their personal vehicle, posts on their Twitter account or personal Facebook account, just happens to fall firmly inside the First Amendment of the Constitution of the United States. Just because he is a cop has nothing to do with his personal opinions. Christopher Roberts | via email

Anyone that supports hate shouldn’t be a public servant. C.J. Hernández | via social media

Pot Shot

This is the byproduct of strict regulations as to where dispensaries can be located, thus making certain sites prime real estate targets. It’s unfortunate for the businesses who are kicked out; however the root of the problem is at City Hall (“The arrival of cannabis to Marina means displacement for some local businesses,” Nov 26-Dec. 2). J. Alan Fagan | via social media

In San Jose, the city slams a massive tax on cannabis sales, so I’m guessing there are almost no other businesses that are going to raise as much revenue for the city than a pot shop. Maybe some of that can be redirected to subsidize small business loans or rent reduction. Greg Tomascheski | via social media

Onward and Upward

Mr. Monning, it may not get said often enough, but thank you for your service to the community, and best wishes on your new journey (“Bill Monning wraps up 12 years of effective legislating for Monterey County,” Nov. 26-Dec. 2). Derek Dean | via web

Mascots Unmasked

It’s obviously racist, and the fact this is a debate here shows how many racists and white supremacists still call this county home (“Carmel High School takes the next steps in reconsidering its Padres mascot,” posted Nov. 24). Shane Linebarger | via social media

A Garden Grows

Awesome! (“A community garden sprouts up in Seaside, born of nostalgia and environmentalism,” Nov. 26-Dec. 2.) Jessica Neafsey | Carmel

Big ups to you. I live in Seaside and this is home; I wish there were more like you to help clean up our homes and neighborhoods. It’s sad to see such a beautiful place fall to trash. Thank you; may God bless you and those who help you. Airotciv Zednanreh | Seaside

I love this!!! They are doing the right thing. What an inspiration! Dynese Mouzakis | Pacific Grove

I loved reading this story, incredible work you are doing! Rose Madden-Fulk | via social media

On to the Next Election…

If this election has taught us anything, it’s that each of our votes truly matters and must be counted (“The vote is certified in Monterey County, with 80-percent voter turnout,” posted Nov. 25). To make sure that a fair election process happens every time, we must have fair electoral maps and end the practice of gerrymandering.

We all need to play an active role in how our political maps are drawn during the upcoming redistricting process.

Redistricting is the process of redrawing our districts to reflect the change in our population recorded by the Census. Gerrymandering changes the value and weight of every vote. It’s unfair and it’s cheating, no matter which party tries it.

2021 is an important year because we the people can call and lobby our elected officials as they draw maps. We can demand and attend hearings. I’m asking my neighbors to join me and push for fair maps. Augie Scornaienchi | Pacific Grove

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