Story Time

I write this note to commend the Weekly for enduring in what must surely be challenging times. Seriously, I appreciate the service you provide to the community and the way the Weekly always shows up promptly at local newsstands on Thursdays.

The good news is that the Weekly is free. The bad news is that since there is no charge for the Weekly, I am denied the opportunity to indignantly demand a refund of the price of my subscription because of the left-wing progressive politics that saturates the Weekly.

Again, more seriously, I think your 101-word short story contest provides a great service to the community by showcasing the creativity of our fellow citizens (“The Weekly’s annual homage to tiny storytelling plays out amid a global pandemic,” Dec. 24-30). I would like to share with you, however, that I was perplexed when I read the “School Daze” story that you awarded second prize. To me, it seemed dark and divisive. John Fredrickson | Pacific Grove

Good Night

That looks like progress (“Monterey County’s first Project Homekey units open at the former Good Nite Inn in Salinas,” Dec. 31-Jan. 6). Heather Flescher | via social media

Excellent Salinas did this! Looking forward to the new shelter [Casa de Noche Buena] opening in Seaside next, but really would be great to see this project happen on the Peninsula too. Guess the only way would be if a hotel was willing to give up the almighty tourism dollar. Esther Malkin | Monterey

$17 million of taxpayers’ money… George Solano | Salinas

Great idea. Hope it works! Jay DeVine | via social media

In a Box

Bravo Tuck Box and Aloha Coffee for standing up to what’s right! Carmel rents aren’t cheap. If the other businesses don’t follow what these two are doing, probably won’t be much of the quaint downtown Carmel town for a really long time. It’s time to think outside of the box here (“Even without valid health permits, The Tuck Box and Aloha Coffee remain open,” posted Dec. 30). Christina Steen | via social media

There are two ICU beds left at CHOMP. If you think resistance means throwing a hissy-fit because you want to eat at a restaurant and you defy the order, make sure your family members know you don’t wish to go to the hospital and use a ventilator. Those should go to people who have contracted Covid-19 by no fault of their own. Lynn Lamb | via social media

Either forcibly shut them down or allow all restaurants to open up equally. The city and county are failing its citizens by allowing these businesses to remain open. Anthony David Aronovici | King City

Good for them for standing up from this tyrannical government! Instead of people bitching, they should be supporting them. Ryan McGilloway | Corral de Tierra

Why on earth is anyone still eating at either place? So many businesses are bending over backwards to make their environments safer. I’m a teacher, and I am completely upending my teaching practice for my own safety, and for the safety of school families. This is a blatant disregard of community, stick as many flags on it as you want. You’re breaking the law. And, bigger picture, you’re making this pandemic last longer, causing everyone to suffer for your “freedom.” Karen Hansen | Watsonville

For nine months we’ve been wearing masks and social distancing. So it is obvious to me it’s the governor and the hospitals that are lying about it so they get more money. I’ve worked in the OR for 25 years. I trust what my doctor friends say. The media is lying to us. I don’t care if you believe me or not. Jim Elkins | Salinas

This will not end the way those guys think it will. No, they aren’t resisting a tyrannical government. They are putting their staff at risk along with their customers.

They aren’t patriots. A patriot would be selfless and make sacrifices for the good of their community. Instead, they are only concerned with themselves.

They are not fighting back against tyranny, they are fighting back against science, common sense, and the policies being enacted by the lawfully elected leaders we all chose. Their final stand will be made in court where they will be forced into bankruptcy, and unable to operate a business. They will close their doors and staff will lose their jobs and income. The selfish actions will result in far more harm to others than themselves. It’s not patriotic; it’s moronic, selfish and shameful. Carson Franklin | Monterey

Pro Vax

Beautifully written. My sentiments exactly (“A doctor explains why the Covid vaccine is the best chance at immunity,” Dec. 31-Jan. 6). I also much prefer to take my chances with the controlled dose of a small bit of inactive virus structure one receives in a vaccine than an unknown dose of wildtype virus. Henrik Kibak | Seaside

Those not getting the vaccine may not be allowed to go to work, attend sporting events, make restaurant reservations, go to the movies, etc. I will be enjoying all of those with my immunized friends and family. Jason Wayne Hough | via social media

This is about the lack of communication or transparent county process for vaccine distribution (“Some health care workers have to wait for a Covid-19 vaccine,” Dec. 31-Jan. 6). The county wants all first responders and others to share concerns and frustrations during public comment and to clearly ask for a fair and transparent process for vaccine distribution. Public comment will be immediately following the staff presentation shortly after the Board of Supervisors meeting starts at 1:30pm [on Tuesday, Jan. 5]. Chris Carpenter | via social media

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Marilyn Galli

I admire people that stand up for their rights. If you want to stay home and mask yourself for who knows how long then that is your right but leave others to take care of their business and health. Stop snitching and shaming others. Really sad!

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