Another Surge

Very succinct, no patronizing in the Covid instructions you wrote to the public today (“Covid is still crushing us, but there is a light at the end of the tunnel,” posted Jan. 6). You should head the CDC, or at least be its communications czar. Christina Lund | Pacific Grove

Thanks for the reminder of what we all need to do during the pandemic. Let’s hope that your reminder provides the nudge that moves a few people to take the appropriate action. Claudia Jennings | Pacific Grove

Doing holy work, fighting Covid and tragically misguided Covid disinformation, with a nice light touch. Keep it up, as the Weekly has traction and sway in this county! Jack Holmgren | Carmel

But, the Lie…

What were you thinking when you printed that fatally irresponsible paid anti-vax ad on page 6 of the Jan. 6-12, 2021 issue of Monterey County Weekly?

Free speech has usually been protected in the U.S (though this ad is not unlike falsely yelling “Fire” in a crowded ICU), but you don’t have to publicize destructive content that will lead to the death of children, not to mention damage to society. Are you that desperate for money?

I assure you that whatever “benefit” you got was more than canceled by your loss of reputation; your thinking readers are very much disappointed. James Harrison | San Juan Bautista

I was startled to see the paid advertisement from Robert Malone in the Weekly, especially without any kind of backgrounding from the paper. There is a history behind Malone, one of being denied access to Twitter because of his misstatements. The first three paragraphs of his advert are, so far as I can determine, correct. He has worked most of his life as a virologist and, though there is disagreement, may have done research that made mRNA possible.

Then, in his advertisement, he goes off the rails into fantasy and untruth. He does a disservice to any parent wanting to protect his or her child. I think Monterey County Weekly needed to consider its responsibility for putting information like in his advertisement into some kind of context, rather than simply printing it. We need to be more careful about misinformation. David Wittrock | Pacific Grove

Past Plastic

This is the “dawn of solution” and I’m super excited to read about my neighbor Margaret Spring’s important report released by the UN (“Plastic is putting the planet in peril. Finally, policy solutions are underway,” Jan. 6-12). And the plastics initiative that qualified for the California ballot. Best news today! Kate Daniels | Carmel Valley

Compost Bin

I’ve been wondering if anyone is tracking water use related to the new composting law (“In 2022, everyone in California will be required to compost food scraps,” Dec. 30-Jan. 5). I am wondering if there will be a noticeable increase of individual water use given the need to seriously wash the green bins weekly, as well as the need to wash food containers more thoroughly before disposing of them.

This seems like a resource tradeoff to me, and I hope it’s been analyzed. It also seems as if it may involve an increase in consumer costs, considering water rates. Martha Diehl | Big Sur

Can the Weekly let us know just how to dump our food waste into GreenWaste’s oversized containers? In what kind of wrapping material does this stuff go – tamale husks? Lettuce leaves? Hollowed-out pumpkins? If not these, what then? Are there available products on the market, or do we end up at the end of the month hosing down the remaining waste on the sides of the plastic garbage cans and sending it into the sewage system along with the water to do so? I hope the Weekly can clue us in on how to exercise this new mandate in some reasonable fashion. Kent Seavey | Pacific Grove

Play to Win

I enjoyed reading the article on Jamaree Bouyea’s tremendous success with basketball (Palma graduate Jamaree Bouyea is leading the University of San Francisco basketball squad to new heights,” Jan. 6-12). He has certainly distinguished himself.

I remember him as a fine young man at Olson Elementary School in Marina many years ago. I knew then that he would do something positive and important in his life. He is truly a local boy to be proud of. Nancy Durein | Monterey

Poetry Speaks

Thank you, Agata Popeda, for remembering Jeffers on his birthday, and writing so eloquently about this life and his poetry (“Happy birthday, Robinson Jeffers,” posted Jan. 10). Elliot Ruchowitz-Roberts | Carmel

Ruchowitz-Roberts is president of the Robinson Jeffers Tor House Foundation.

Thank you for the comprehensive and interesting history. I moved to the Monterey area inspired by Jeffers, his poetry, ideals and ideas.

We just lost our dear and beloved standard poodle Grace. A friend sent me a poem Jeffers wrote called “The House Dog’s Grave.” It is so tender and yet so powerful; I appreciate Jeffers even more. Pamela Takigawa | Carmel Valley

Photo Archive

Congratulations to Kent Seavey on facilitating the landing of Pat Hathaway’s photo collection with the Monterey County Historical Society – a perfect venue that honors the entire Monterey County, “Lettuce Curtain” be damned (“Pat Hathaway’s photo collection documented life on the Central Coast will stay local,” posted Jan. 7). Peter Hiller | Carmel


A column on the role of Monterey County’s new public information officer, or PIO (“Free Speech,” Jan. 6-12), inadvertently implied no one currently is responsible for county communications. While Nick Pasculli will be the first-ever communications director for the county, as reported, he will not be its first PIO. That role, currently held by several people, may be reorganized under the first director, who will serve as chief PIO.

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