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Did I just read that right? He had 20 years to pay off $2.5 million? Someone’s terrible with their money! (“A developer of a beloved Alvarado Street property owes Monterey millions they don’t plan on paying,” Jan. 7-13.) Kelsea Richmond | via social media

I loved the Osio, what a tragedy. Lisa Granger | via social media

Monterey ripped off by Green Valley from San Jose. And that letter – what a slap in the face. Whining about how much they spent and how little return? Don’t developers do feasibility studies? Sounds like a deadbeat developer whining about sour grapes. Margaret Carey Lang | Salinas

This is where a proper federal Housing and Urban Development Administration could and should step in and assume the city’s liabilities; $2.5 million is peanuts. Preserving culture for a post-corona society makes economic sense, and is just humane. Restaurants, bakeries, markets, aquariums and zoos, museums – all the touchstone institutions need to be there while we turn the tide of this pandemic. Absconding developers should not be a concern to a city. A competent HUD should have stepped in long ago. Evan Hauge | via social media

Too bad, this was my go-to place to unwind when I was studying Korean up the hill. Hopefully, they work things out. Brendon Branigin | via social media

I really miss that place. Ruth Nowatzki | via social media

Gone Fishing

I paid for my membership to help support (“More layoffs announced at the Monterey Bay Aquarium, for a 40-percent reduction in workforce,” posted Jan. 6). We were very hopeful we would all be in a different situation a few months ago! Judith Gz | via social media

I will include the Monterey Bay Aquarium in my estate planning. Sherry Craft | Santa Cruz

This is what happens when a county refuses to open their economy on fear and control. Marilyn Galli | Carmel

I am hopeful this will get turned around. Elizabeth Murdock | via social media

Staying In

Nobody listens anymore (“Monterey County remains on stay-at-home order until ICU capacity for region improves,” posted Jan. 10). Rocky Aei | via social media

Monterey County residents are ignoring that order because they continue to travel out of the county. Sad but true. Fernando Andrade | via social media

Cross Walk

I love this! These should be everywhere (“Monterey installs the county’s first touchless pedestrian buttons on a busy Fremont Street corridor,” posted Jan. 3). I go out of my way not to touch these, even before Covid-19. Kathey Norton | Sacramento

Heading into the future! This is awesome, Monterey. Francine Alfaro-Fernandez | via social media

This is the most urgent, best use of city tax dollars??? Phil Candreva | via social media

It is good for disabled people so get off your high horse and allow those with less capabilities get something they deserve. Becka Smith | via social media

Sand and Sea

Cemex should just give it away. They took so much sand for their profits and basically have paid zero for it (“The Park District is negotiating to buy Cemex’s land on the coast of Marina,” Jan. 7-13). Jake Fathy | via social media

Roll Call

I teach in one of these districts in a K-3 classroom and have 31 students. Housing without the infrastructure to support education is wrong (“Two school districts sue the city of Salinas over future housing plans,” Jan. 8-13). Brettie Page | via social media

ALL children are “impacted,” and need in-person learning. This has been horrible for my child and his peers (“Governor proposes a $2 billion budget to support in-person learning starting in February,” posted Dec. 31). Erin Fagundes Sollecito | Monterey

Start a Blog?

I really don’t want to read that much context on Sara [Rubin]’s opinions in today’s newsletter (“Monterey County NOW,” sent Jan. 7). Why can’t your publication just print the news? If you want to submit opinions on topics, your content would be more compelling if it came from the general public vs. staff. Darius Sadeghi | Carmel

Wow, I just read your [Monterey County NOW column] from Jan. 7 and commend you for your work. Thanks for sharing that with us. As a Caucasian male who has lived for some time not knowing what it’s really like for non-Caucasian folks, all of this has been so revealing and of course disappointing. Thanks. Ray Doue | Carmel Valley

Editorials like this are why I open Monterey County NOW first, on a daily basis. You really captured it today, re: alternative facts can only be confronted through human-to-human connection. Your outraged responses – “respect traitors?” – matched mine. You don’t suggest easy homework and I’m completely on board.

I moved from Big Sur – I’ve worked at Esalen for 51 years – and now I am mostly in Marin, running the Esalen massage school from my dining room table during the pandemic. I signed up for Monterey County NOW to keep the Central Coast alive for me. I never imagined I’d open every copy, ogle the photo, read the front page and then dive in deeper. Your newspaper is so much better than the local weeklies here. Keep it up! Brita Ostrom | Marin

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