Stormy Weather

This is my home. Those are my daily roads (“The view from above: Carmel River and Salinas River flooding,” posted Jan. 12). God bless us all. Ruth Pizano | via social media

I have to say because I’m sick of the media overplaying everything (“Evacuation shelters remain open with more than 18,000 residents under evacuation orders or warnings,” posted Jan. 10). I’m sure there are people that are flooded and things are bad but the fear-mongering is just getting out of control. Candace Cate | via social media

I was in the picture where we are sandbagging on the river. I sandbagged in the same area in ’95 and I can’t explain why it was worse this time but it was! And we are now facing it for potentially a second time. From experience – plan ahead and have caution and a healthy fear. I wouldn’t call it fear-mongering. Michelle Bevard | Carmel Valley

God bless all who are displaced. Karen Warner | via social media

Sheriff Tina Nieto is a boss. How inspiring to see a woman as sheriff! (“Officials issue an urgent reminder to abide by evacuation orders, describe Monterey Peninsula at risk of becoming an ‘island,’” posted Jan. 11.) Marilyn Seeley | via social media

Up Stream

Another excellent example of Monterey County Weekly/Monterey County NOW’s coverage of local water issues (“Why is the lower Salinas River flooding on a day when it didn’t rain?” posted Jan. 12). Thank you! Sandra Weaver | Seaside

In or Out

I am extremely concerned for the future of Pacific Grove given the unilateral decision of Mayor Bill Peake, to not select several former candidates and committee members for any 2023-2024 city boards, commissions or committees (“Can Pacific Grove’s diversity task force survive a controversial appointment process?” posted Jan. 17).

Mike Wachs, Tina Rau and Darla Vining cared enough about our city to run for office. Unfortunately, none of them were given the opportunity to represent the constituents that voted for them on any boards or commissions. Also, there are members of committees who have reapplied for their spots but have not been given the opportunity to continue their service. Peake’s actions appear to be punitive, short-sighted and cowardly.

Is Mayor Peake being retaliatory? Is he afraid to have discussions with people who may have different points of view on how best to promote our beautiful city? I want a thoughtful, honest and transparent process. Esther Herrick | Pacific Grove

Flood Control

Agree with the neighbors – nobody wants to take responsibility (“A tale of two creeks: As parts of Bolsa Knolls flood, neighbors blame lack of creek maintenance on county side outside city border,” posted Jan. 10). I also live in Bolsa Knolls and I’ve seen city and county trucks drive to our dead end street and just stare at the flooding and then get back in their trucks and drive away. They are a joke. Andrea Houston-Garcia | Salinas

It’s deja vu all over again. Every time Bolsa Knolls floods, the county says clearing the creek is too difficult because it runs through some private property. Just get it done. The other thing that would help would be to incentivize upstream property owners to install and maintain retention basins to moderate the flow. However, enthusiasm and resources for flood control projects tends to recede with the flood waters. Bob Roach | Salinas

Sand Box

Great article on sand mining and replenishment (“Now that sand mining has ended, big storms are restoring sand to the beaches of southern Monterey Bay,” posted Jan. 9). Something to look for in old pictures are the enormous sand dunes of sparkling white sand where Spanish Bay is now, across the road from Asilomar. Taller than buildings. I remember the bulldozers scooping it up until they were all gone. I used to cry about all that beautiful white sand disappearing! That was in the ’40s and ’50s. Susan Widmayer | Oakton, Virginia

Interesting history! There was also a sand mine in Asilomar where Spanish Bay resort now resides. Before the resort, it was a pretty wild space and fun to explore, with a nice stream coming down to the ocean. Susan Schiavone | Seaside

New and Old

I have personally known [retired sheriff] Steve Bernal for about 15 years, and got to know him when he was a deputy working in South County (“After storm-induced delay, Monterey County officials get sworn in,” posted Jan. 18). I had a piece of farm equipment stolen from my yard; Steve worked the case relentlessly and I was able to get my equipment back.

In my opinion, the top three sheriffs who have served the people of Monterey County were Bud Cook, Norm Hicks and Steve Bernal. Steve: We want to thank you for helping to keep the ranchers, farmers and citizens of Monterey County safe. The next sheriff has some big shoes to fill. John and Gloria Grisetti | Soledad

Park Parking

Thank you for the informative article about our local national park, but I’m concerned that readers may be left with an impression that it’s too hard to visit because of parking capacities (“Pinnacles is celebrating its 10-year anniversary of becoming a national park, but the park has been millions of years in the making,” Jan. 5-11).

In 2000-2002, I was one of five alternative transportation planners hired in the National Park Service, a program of President Bill Clinton’s administration. NPS has gained a lot of experience in shuttles and reservation systems since then, e.g. Yosemite, Muir Woods. I’ve heard that expanded transportation and access improvements are high on the list of Pinnacles Superintendent Blanca Alvarez Stransky’s priorities, and the Weekly would be a great place to publicize those new opportunities to access and enjoy the park. Jennifer Coile | Hollister

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