Shot in the Arm

This was such a no-brainer that it makes me concerned for the rest of the rollout! (“CVS adds Salinas location for Covid-19 vaccines after elected leaders speak out,” posted Feb. 5.) Was anyone paying any attention to the actual case numbers and the hotspot locations before deciding that only the CVS stores on the peninsula were going to be involved? Salinas stores should have been the first locations approved! Not Monterey or Carmel! Stef Helbok Pummell | via social media

Next we also need to ensure easy access for those who do not find an “online scheduling tool,” probably in English, a practical way to get an appointment. Nona Childress | Salinas

On behalf of the agricultural community in southern Monterey County, thank you for your efforts to point out the inequitable choices! Steve McIntyre | via email

Happy for the Vets (“Campaign to get Covid-19 vaccines for veterans at the Marina VA clinic succeeds,” posted Feb. 6). Now can those of us over 65 but not yet 75 get in line sometime soon? Thanks, that’d be great. Gary Bolen | via social media

Order in the Court

None of this should come as a surprise (“A Covid-19 diagnosis halts a jury trial, while another courtroom goes dark after a staffer tests positive,” posted Feb. 5). Some of us have seen ringing alarm bells since last fall. What we are seeing now are predictable consequences of reckless and irresponsible decisions made by the court. The petitioners are correct. The court has FAILED at its most basic duty – the protection of the public. Phil Crawford | via Web

Weed and the City

If they’ll take wine money they can take weed money (“Monterey does its homework to find out how residents feel about commercial cannabis,” Feb. 4-10). There’s no moral authority or higher ground. Justin Violini | via social media

It seems like the city could save a truckload of “feel about it” money by following state guidelines and let the market figure it out. Steve Kuhler | via social media

A Death in Big Sur

This is a nuisance suit (“The widow of a man killed by falling tree in Big Sur sues the state,” posted Feb. 4). Should be dismissed. Hikers should understand the inherent risks of nature. Dia Rianda | via social media

I love Big Sur and the wild nature, but there is a point – a campground is a maintained area with spaces which are not ‘natural’ and perhaps part of the maintenance of the campground should be keeping an eye on the trees which surround those spaces to ensure they are not posing a risk. If people are camping in the wild they would not have the expectation of safety, but in a camping space where fees are collected and maintenance is provided they expect a certain level of care. What a tragic event. Eileen Hamilton | via social media

The Politics of Water

Kudos to Asaf Shalev for his article about a potential source of water flowing down the Salinas River into the ocean (“The Monterey Peninsula’s water shortage could be solved with flow from the Salinas River. Why isn’t it?” Jan. 29-Feb 3). Shalev points to 2013 as a year when the idea was raised, then quickly shelved in favor of the Cal Am albatross that is the desal plant proposal at the Cemex site in Marina.

In examining why that happened one can’t forget the role of Jason Burnett, then mayor of Carmel. He gathered together all six Peninsula mayors into a “mayors authority” (which he publicly admitted had no authority), and with the loud support of the hospitality industry, rammed through the Cal Am desal plan over the objections of many local voices who saw the environmental risks and environmental injustice of that plan even then. Now Cal Am has spent $150 million of ratepayer money on a plan that has no chance of being realized.

The political landscape has changed. Not a single one of those six Peninsula mayors remains in office today. There are new mayors in Salinas and Soledad from the 2020 elections as well. Six of the seven board members on the Monterey Peninsula Water Management District have been seated since January of 2019. The community passed Measure J by 11 points in 2018 while voting for this new leadership. Perhaps it might be fruitful to revisit this simple, relatively inexpensive, and sustainable water source solution, despite Norm Groot’s grudge. Michael Baer | San Jose

Athletic Endeavors

Been doing what the county and state has said to do from the start. (“Students, parents and coaches rally for a return to high school sports,” Feb. 4-10) After 11 months of it, the data and science better be there behind the decisions being made. Time will tell.

Our young adults in middle and high school will define how your votes and decisions dictate history. They will be the ones writing that history of COVID TIMES! Chris Carpenter | via social media


A column about a public review of Pacific Grove City Manager Ben Harvey (“Squid Fry,” Feb. 4-10) incorrectly stated that Harvey’s original report to City Council omitted a graph reflecting the negative results. They were included in his report as an attachment, both in the original and subsequent editions.

A story about school reopenings (“County Covid rates will dictate which schools will be able to reopen – and when,” Feb. 4-10) incorrectly stated Monterey County’s Covid-19 case rate as of Feb. 2. It was 52.3 per 100,000, not 48, thestatewide figure for California. In addition, the story did not clearly reflect that Gov. Gavin Newsom’s funding proposal remains an unapproved proposal, and there is no concrete way yet for schools to apply for those proposed funds for reopening, nor was there a way by the original Feb. 1 deadline.

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