Brought to Justice

Once again, a great and compelling article, well researched and compellingly written (“Two elderly Monterey Peninsula men are staring down the loss of their life savings in what prosecutors say was an epic, long-running con game,” Feb. 11-17). Scam artists beware, Mary Duan is on the case. I also love the cover of this week’s Weekly, very eye-catching. Fred Dodsworth | Seaside

Wow, interesting read. Sad to take advantage of the elderly. Stephanie Barbettini-Leggett | via social media

That Long Line

Why does it seem that we are the worst of every single place in the United States? (“County moves to expand vaccine distribution – they just need vaccines,” Feb. 11-17.) It is really hard to believe that the alleged problems of this county could not have been anticipated ahead of time and mitigated before they occurred and wasted time. Great to know that a year-and-a-half from now, only those over 65 in certain zip codes will be vaccinated. I have friends around the country, under 65, who have already received two vaccines. Deborah Mall | via social media

Happy for the veterans. Now can those of us over 65 but not yet 75 get in line sometime soon? Thanks, that’d be great (“Campaign to get Covid-19 vaccines for veterans at the Marina VA clinic succeeds,” posted Feb. 6). Gary Bolen | via social media

Good news travels fast! Elizabeth Murdock | via social media

My dad is 74 and a veteran as well. He is a Realtor and property manager and has to go everywhere [in person]. My mom is 74 and does hair. They need to be next, like in March, I hope! Nicole Amaral | Monterey

Reading Weed Leaves

It’s this very mindset that contributes to Pacific Grove’s dead downtown and lack of city dollars (“Monterey does its homework to find out how residents feel about commercial cannabis,” Feb. 4-10). Besides a few restaurants and shops, there’s virtually no reason to visit the downtown. P.G. will continue to be a city of untapped potential where local culture can’t thrive if nobody is willing to accept anything new. Same old P.G. story. Bryan Gage | Pacific Grove

Some puritanical whiners circulated a petition and the council buckled. Pot is being sold everywhere else, but Pacific Grove won’t get a penny. Roger Kern | via social media

A couple of squeaky wheels ruined it for everyone. Tax dollars are going outside our community. Abby Kehr | Pacific Grove

With every city approving dispensaries, it won’t generate the kind of tax revenue cities are expecting. The market is being saturated. Mark Carbonaro | Monterey

I would just like to not have to stand in line for half an hour. Michael Kohler | Seaside

Speaking of P.G.…

I’d like to see a performance review of Pacific Grove City Council (“Squid Fry: Peanut Gallery,” Feb. 4-10). Scott Cunningham | via social media

Pacific Grove residents are never happy with their city manager. Ever. Rick Katen | via social media

At least P.G. gives its citizens an opportunity to be surveyed. How many other cities do this? Brian McCarthy | Marina

If a Tree Falls

It’s not always black and white. On one hand, stuff happens, especially in nature. On the other hand, if you construct and maintain a picnic table for visitors, you’re assuming some level of responsibility that it will be safe (“The widow of a tourist killed by falling tree in Big Sur sues the state,” posted Feb. 4). Jeff Rothal | via social media

I love Big Sur and the wild nature, but a campground is a maintained area with spaces which are not “natural” and perhaps part of the maintenance of the campground should be keeping an eye on the trees which surround those spaces to ensure they are healthy and not posing a risk. If people are camping in the wild they would not have the expectation of safety, but in a space where fees are collected and maintenance is provided, they expect a certain level of care. What a tragic event. Eileen Hamilton | Las Vegas, Nevada

This is different than if my tree in my yard that I maintain dropped a branch that killed one of my neighbors. That would be negligence. I don’t assume the state should be expected to prune all trees in a natural environment. That it was in a picnic/camping area does make it more reasonable to expect the state to keep an eye on the trees. Tough call. Very sorry this happened. Adam Urrutia | via social media

Shots Fired

Covid has people out of work and uneasy. Doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out why crime is on the rise. People are struggling, what did you expect? (“Seaside Police look to community to help quell uptick in shootings,” posted Feb. 12.) James Ryan | Monterey

Home Improvement

I’ve always loved that house. It’s been sad watching it deteriorate (“City of Salinas moves to take a long-blighted property into receivership,” Feb. 11-17). Gina Hernandez | Salinas

Feeling the Grief

This makes me sad. Such an amazing group (“A nonprofit that helps people grieve faces its own loss during the pandemic,” Feb. 4-10). Melody May Rico | via social media

[Papillon Center for Loss and Transition] helped us when we lost our first pup. Allison Smith Lopez | via social media

Fruit Forward

Great place! (“A Watsonville brewery goes big on fruit, with a line of beers aptly titled Fruit Snacks,” Feb. 4-10.) C.J. Hernández | via social media

I want this! Noemi Bautista | via social media

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