Shining the Light

Good and important article about reverse Public Record Act requests (“Reverse PRAs keep the public from accessing the public’s information,” March 18-24). This article ought to be in major outlets. It shows the importance of “small” papers. DM Scott | Carson City

Excellent story, Mary Duan. I imagine if entities in general did a better job of genuinely being transparent this wouldn’t be as big of an issue.

In Marina, our city manager recently lamented that Public Records Act requests were taking up almost all of staff’s time, and I thought to myself what is so secret that the city would not want to freely share? I’m guessing half of the requests simply come from the city not having an easy, repeatable way to share information, not because they want to keep it a secret.

The other half? Who knows? Brian McCarthy | Marina

So Surreal

Your article on the Dalí Museum and Monterey History and Art Association (MHAA) paints a sad picture for all involved (“A dispute over property taxes between the Dalí Museum founder and county assessor turns nasty,” March 11-17). It is unfortunate that decisions made by the MHAA board created a potentially existential problem for them. They will have to address the legal ramifications of their actions (and inactions).

However, it is contemptible that the board, Mr. Piterman and their attorney had to resort to baseless personal attacks on Monterey County Assessor Steve Vagnini rather than address the legal issues they created for themselves. I’ve known Steve personally and professionally for over 35 years as a well respected part of our community who genuinely and selflessly demonstrates his care for our arts. In 2015 he was recognized as a Champion of the Arts by the Arts Council for Monterey County. He is president of the Monterey County chapter of Guitars Not Guns, which provides music education to at-risk youth.

I’m saddened the MHAA has chosen to let Mr. Piterman and the attorney speak for them and against Mr. Vagnini. Matthew Schuss | Carmel

In Memoriam

Sending so much love to this beautiful family (“A look at some of those who died due to Covid-19, through the lens of those left to remember them: Jesus Ortiz Ramirez and Javier Ortiz,” March 18-24). Sorry for your great loss. Allura Olympia Garis | via social media

Great tribute for this family who suffered during this past year. Hugs to Julia Durán and her family. Joyce Giuffre | via social media

So sorry for their loss. The Hispanic community has been hit so hard, and vaccines need to be distributed accordingly. Desiree Turner | via social media

Gene was one of the finest prosecutors I ever worked with, the first defense attorney I called when I needed one and a friend (“A look at some of those who died due to Covid-19, through the lens of those left to remember them: Eugene Martinez”) My deepest condolences to his family. Monterey County was lucky to have him here. Scott Miller | Pacific Grove

Miller is a former Monterey County sheriff and Pacific Grove police chief.

Love vs. Hate

It is with both anger and sorrow that I report a racist encounter here in my hometown. One morning, about one month ago, my wife told me that a fellow was at the public tennis courts with his dog. The man would fire a starter pistol, then throw an object for the dog to retrieve.

When this happened again, I went to the courts and approached the man. When he saw that I am Asian, he immediately responded with a series of epithets, “Go back to China, Chinaman,” “You f…king Gook, you f…king Jap,” etc.

I remain saddened that right here in this community, white supremacy is free to proclaim its false superiority. May we all someday know that a loving God created us to love our neighbors, not terrorize them. And that our neighbors may be people of color, not just the white folks. Praying for a peaceful and tolerant tomorrow. Ron Kihara | Monterey

Restaurant Reckoning

Running a restaurant was never easy. This was/is just crazy (“The pandemic has devastated the restaurant industry, but restaurateurs look ahead to reopening,” March 18-24). Bless everyone in the industry. Jay Donato | Salinas

Cult Taco will be sorely missed. Giordana Rock | Oakland

Good luck to Epsilon, this is awesome! It has been an incredibly tough year. We are blessed with wonderful locals who help keep us going. The recovery will be a long one. English Ales Brewery | via social media

The Big Screen

I think it may take a while but I think as long as good blockbuster movies start coming out at the theater, people will start to go back (“Movie theaters are back (some of them) starting today (at limited capacity),” posted March 19). People want to go out and eat and to a movie. It’s fun! Staying home and watching something is OK and cheaper, but just not the same experience. It’s getting boring. Nicole Amaral | Monterey

Hell yes, [theaters] will be able to compete with streaming. No comparison to being at the movies. Christy Alanne | via social media

Tier Time

After more than a year, I had breakfast at a favorite restaurant now that the county is finally allowing inside dining (“Monterey County finally breaks into less restrictive Red Tier, beginning March 17,” posted March 16).

I have missed having good food and service and especially the chance to share it with friends. Today, a friend and I had a great meal and enjoyed catching up on what’s been happening since Covid-19 hit. Although not as consequential as the Last Supper, my First Breakfast was a joy! Ed Cavallini | Monterey

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