Books for the Ages

Here’s to a life well-lived! Authors like Beverly Cleary proved that literature written for children was a worthwhile venture (“Beloved children’s author Beverly Cleary dies in Carmel at age 104,” posted March 26). As a child, I benefited. Her books are a memorable part of my young life and started me on my adventure as a life-long reader. I am deeply grateful. Maury Treleven | Gonzales

I remember well using her books in classrooms and when I was in charge of the school library. The world needs more writers with her gentle touch and humor about relationships. What wonderful contributions she made to our world! Eleanor Robinson | via social media

My 6-year-old has been currently reading through the Ramona books. They’re her first chapter books and fostering her love for reading. Michelle Findlay | Seaside

She was a neighbor of my mom’s at Carmel Valley Manor. Be assured that she would have had a great place to live, and wonderful care at the end of her life, as did my mom. I only met her once. My mom was afraid I’d pester her to come do an “author read” [at Soldo Elementary School in Watsonville]. Mary Ann Hunter | via social media

As a kid I struggled with reading too. Her books got me engaged and sparked a lifelong love of reading. Mission accomplished Mrs. Cleary! RIP. Michelle Zavarella | via social media

My favorite book to this day, Motorcycle Ralph. And the Ramona books. I have cherished memories learning to read with her. My sympathies for her family. Iza Ellis | via social media

Stepping Up

I am embarrassed and angry to hear of a racist jerk in Pacific Grove (“Letters, March 25-31). What he said to Ron Kihara is awful. Mr. Kihara, I am sorry this happened but thankful you spoke up. Everyone, especially white guys like me, we must push back, right away, if we witness or hear of nonsense like this.

Peace and tolerance will come. They will come faster if people of goodwill, all colors, stand up together against hate. Tim Bresnahan | Pebble Beach

Cops and Quotas

Well that certainly will reinforce the sentiment of distrust in the law enforcement and justice systems in Monterey County (“Ex-Monterey cop loses whistleblower lawsuit against the city,” posted March 22). Joseph W. Borawski | via social media

This is exactly what happens to “good cops.” The system in place will not allow them to protect and serve, they are just revenue-generators for the state and protectors of the wealthy. Alexis Maceira | Greenfield

Bryce Morgan had been a patrol officer with the Monterey Police Department for four years. I am so glad that his career is appreciated in Hollister now. Marilyn Galli | Carmel

Museum in the Making

Great concept! (“Support grows behind a proposal to turn a NOAA facility in P.G. into a museum,” March 25-31.) Stuart A. Chase | via social media

Neat! Julia Pederson | via social media

Save the Butterflies

Thank you, Rep. Jimmy Panetta, for addressing this very important issue! (“Rep. Jimmy Panetta takes up the cause of the disappearing monarch butterfly,” posted March 28.) Chris Sierra | via social media

Late is the hour. In a few years, maybe he will inform us our kelp is starting to feel environmental pressures. Evan Hauge | via social media

Developer Wars

This Paul Petrovich sounds like the mafia (“The former developer of Seaside’s Main Gate project prepares to litigate over deal’s end,” March 25-31). Thank God the sale didn’t go through; he would completely destroy the environment nearby his business development. Anyway we have a ton of hotels, motels and private vacation rentals in the area. Bobe Kirsch | via social media

Thanks, Monterey County Weekly, for keeping us informed. Stacy Steele | via social media

Cookie Jar

Yeah, go after that business that could barely stay alive, get your money!!! (“Northridge Mall owner sues cookie shop owners for pandemic-owed rent,” posted March 25.) Mark Gutierrez | via social media

They are not the only mall locally to not give a break to businesses during Covid. Independent commercial property owners did though, in many cities. Chris Whitney | Marina


Feeling Thrifty

I hope a resolution is soon arrived upon. It was and will be a fun place to shop (“Waste Management District considers new management at Last Chance Mercantile in Marina,” March 25-31). Jay Donato | Salinas

Lost in Translation

While I do think the county should have a Spanish translator on staff, may I share that I have more than 15 native Spanish speakers on our staff at Rancho Cielo, and they CANNOT agree on translation. Sometimes Google Translate is the arbitrator where they can come together (“Squid Fry,” March 18-24). Susie Brusa | Corral de Tierra


A story about federal stimulus funds incorrectly listed which cities will receive funds directly from the federal government versus the state (“In a time of austerity, cities in Monterey County are about to get millions in American Rescue Plan funds,” March 18-24). Three cities – Salinas, Monterey and Seaside – will receive American Rescue Plan funds directly, not just Salinas.

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