We Are Not Connected

This news should surprise no one (“A San Jose State University research project provides the data to support Assemblymember Rivas’ broadband access proposal,” posted April 13). Broadband isn’t treated as an essential utility so if it isn’t profitable then companies won’t bother bringing it to an area. Kyle Evans | via social media

We live in mid Carmel Valley and have 6.2 Mbps at best. A bit better than dial-up, but way too slow for streaming video. Scott Cunningham | Carmel Valley

When it comes to infrastructure, South Monterey County is always left behind. We pay taxes too, WTF. Lenxo Dominguez | via social media

Cop Drama

Oh look, another one of those bad apples, at the top of the tree (“Seaside police union chief under investigation for hit-and-run and fleeing the scene of an accident,” posted April 14). Joseph W. Borawski | via social media

Now that is some old-school reporting. Keep up the good work, Mary Duan. Christian Parley | via social media

Cops behaving badly, especially union chiefs, seems to be epidemic these days. Maybe the police need to start policing themselves. This is NOT ACCEPTABLE! Fred Dodsworth | Seaside

Why are some protected and don’t have to answer for anything right away? Teresa Hall | via social media

Another reason why Americans are so distrustful and have some hatred toward police. Fernando Andrade | via social media

Shots Shots Shots

Everyone did a great job with the process. Everything flowed smoothly. I was in and out quickly, nice job. Thanks to everyone involved (“Natividad Covid-19 clinic nets nearly 7,900 vaccinations in two days despite large number of no-shows,” posted April 12). Robert Williams | via social media

When I was trying to make an appointment, the website timed out and made me start the whole process again. When I got to Everett Alvarez High, they informed me that I had made two appointments, even though I never received the confirmation for the first appointment I tried to book. I wonder if the high number of cancellations are at least partially due to website failings under high volume. I’m glad the vaccines aren’t going to waste, at least. Monica Helmick | via social media

Got my love his vaccine today due a friend sharing this post! Thank you (“500 Covid-19 vaccine appointments for ages 16 and up open at the last minute,” posted April 11). Alex Blackwell | Seaside

Budget Blues

If only they spent more time taking care of their residents instead of catering to tourists so much, they could have a more stable economy (“Reopening begins, but the city of Monterey faces an ongoing budget crisis in the wake of the pandemic,” April 15-21). They could also take advantage of the cannabis industry and the tax revenue generated by it. But God forbid they let the sanctity of their city be corrupted by the devil’s lettuce. Lauren Dwight | Marina

I can assure readers that we have every intention to reopen the Monterey Public Library in the near future. Staff and the board are updating our reopening plan, with an eye toward opening sometime early in the new fiscal year (which starts July 1, 2021). Reopening depends upon having an adequate budget – primarily sufficient staff – to serve our community in-person.

Meanwhile, all our services are continuing – sidewalk service, telephone/email reference help, and virtual programs via monterey.org/library. While we are waiting for the city to provide us with a library budget allocation sufficient to reopen, we are taking this time to enhance some of our services: Upgrading technology to allow users to more easily check out books, even using smartphones. This was funded through private donations.

We understand the library budget will be severely restricted for a long time to come. So we are seeking donations through our Friends and Foundation’s fundraising campaign (investinmpl.org). Our city budget for new materials is currently zero. Marsha Moroh | Monterey

Note: Moroh is chair of the board of trustees of Monterey Public Library.

Feds and money

An investment? It sounds like money will go to folks to pay expenses. What is the return on investment? Taxpayers fund this and receive nothing in return (“The latest federal Covid-19 stimulus plan will bring financial relief to thousands of local families.” April 15-21). Scott Cunningham | Carmel Valley

Less people going hungry, homeless, and providing money to pay medical expenses. Sounds like a good return to me. Chris Loecher | Carmel Valley

What’s for Lunch?

They will have my business! I love to support small businesses like this (“A couple celebrates 25 years together by opening a deli in the middle of a pandemic,” April 15-21). Francine Alfaro-Fernandez | via social media

Great story. I wish them good fortune. Mark Carbonaro | Monterey

Seeing Stars

Let’s please do away with the weekly horoscope nonsense. Astrology is complete pseudoscience and, because of its ubiquity in publications such as this one, many people continue to think it’s real and allow it to influence their life choices. I firmly believe you can replace this with something else that is equally whimsical and fun without the pseudoscience to keep your readership happy. Bruce Kaufman | Pebble Beach

In Bloom

Thank you for the gorgeous lupine fields! (“Etc. Photo,” posted April 13.) Nancy Callahan | Carmel

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