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Bring on more series like Up and Down Monterey County, 1861 (“The contemporaneous letters of William H. Brewer, a scientist with the California Geological Survey, bring the Wild West to life,” April 20-26).

Fascinating, well written, marvelous detail. I loved seeing the “young” Central Coast through his eyes. Well done, William H. Brewer. Jane Radicchi | Castroville

~ ~ ~

Thank you, David Schmalz, for sharing these letters (“Step back in time by reading the 1861 letters of William H. Brewer,” posted April 23). As a lifelong (and I am old!) California history buff, I love reading anything about the state’s history. And hearing about the abundance of wildlife is not surprising. My mother’s family arrived in California in 1846 from Missouri; their story was definitely one of survival as well.

I look forward to your next installment! Dana A. Lee | via email

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Great idea to introduce his writing. I found his observations and writing remarkably scientific and timeless. What an incredible journey and such a tough and uncomplaining man. I have driven or hiked in many of the areas he traveled on foot and horseback/muleback, and cannot imagine how he survived. Scott Hennessy | Corral de Tierra

Thanks for undertaking this series. Great idea! I enjoyed the first one very much. Holly B. Ochoa | Monterey

Homing In

I fear that the city of Monterey is going the way of other cities that have failed rent control policies. It does not work. In fact, it makes the situation worse (“Monterey City Council to discuss rent stabilization and other housing aid measures,” posted April 18).

Several people from rent-controlled areas spoke against it. Though well intentioned, there are unintended consequences.

Landlords would be forced to raise the rent to market rate on current tenants and rent would increase every year by the maximum allowable amount. Why would a property owner do any but the most necessary maintenance in the least expensive way possible? Many landowners would simply sell the property, making it available to big corporations only concerned about the bottom line. Also, property owners often convert to condominiums, thus removing rentals from the market.

More large employers should follow the example set by CHOMP in purchasing housing for their workers. There is land at Ryan Ranch, Fort Ord and Garden Road. Carole J.S. Dawson | Monterey

Food Supply

I just rolled into Monterey, slack-jawed after driving on Highway 101 through Salinas, a place I’d only read about. It’s beautiful, but the fields hint at struggles of growers the same way dramatic, copper dunes tell you the coast is near (“Small growers feeling the pain of winter storms are frustrated at slow-moving government aid,” April 20-26).

Always good to visit cities with alt weeklies, and glad to see Monterey County Weekly is doing the good work. Ray Roa | Tampa

Next Gen

YES: “Not only are student journalists contributing real journalism to their communities, but the class helps cultivate critical thinking skills.” Thank you for spotlighting the value of student journalism (“School newspapers give a hopeful template for the future of journalism,” April 20-26). Josh Moore | via social media

I agree! (“School newspapers help support the future of a well-trained, diverse workforce in journalism,” posted April 22.) The First Amendment needs to be respected and practiced… always. No censorship in any way, shape or form by anyone for any excuse, left or right. Carl Silverman | via email

Last Laugh

Your (supposed) cartoon exploiting the tragic deaths of three 9-year-olds, not to mention the three 60-year-old educators targeted because of their Christian beliefs by an ill and violent transgender youth (no doubt inflamed by the hate publications such as yours publish), twisting that abomination into some sort of racist and bigoted action by the Tennessee House who responded to and suffered a violent insurrectional attack upon their very chambers while in session is sick (“A Uniquely American Plague” by Rob Rodgers, posted April 23). The attack upon democracy in Tennessee led by radical ideologues and their zealots who believe that free speech is violent dissent and megaphones to deny discourse, discussion and debate. I had thought you were better than that, but I guess I’m wrong. David Fairhurst | Carmel Valley

Party On

I always enjoy your writing, but I especially enjoyed your reporting on this amazing Monterey Museum of Art event (“The Monterey Museum of Art’s inaugural block party was a swinging good time,” posted April 17). Executive Director Corey Madden has brought vision and energy to the arts community. So proud of our museum. Lila Staples Thorsen | Pacific Grove

Note: Thorsen serves on the board of the Monterey Museum of Art.

A great time. [At the Carl Cherry Center’s] poetry booth , four old-time typewriters attracted young ones who had never experienced one – lots of enthusiastic future poets. My husband, Jeff Houseman, even tried his hand at it:

“Keys snap against plates. Drums sounding in the distance, envelop long-time dear friends gathered to invite young imaginations to commit to their own words, ones carefully considered one letter at a time. Will they learn that perhaps learning life doesn’t allow for control-alt-delete? Moving ahead, leaving mistakes behind, visible to see but not limiting their future. We all learn this at some moment. Ancient typewriters were the unexpected means.” Mary Liz Houseman | Carmel

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