Seeking Shelter

So glad Monterey is finally doing this for the homeless, seeing all those people sitting on the streets with no place to live or go to is heartbreaking (“Community Human Services board votes to purchase Monterey building as a possible shelter for women and families,” posted April 23). Linda Beron | via social media

It’s disgraceful how long it’s taken Monterey to help its homeless. Good luck with this sorely needed project and others. Margaret Carey Lang | Salinas

For the record, the city of Monterey has the only youth homeless shelter [in the region] for years. Our city also has the only MDOT program that works directly with the homeless through the Monterey Police Department with mental health professionals and others, to place those willing to go to shelters and/or accept services available. Esther Malkin | Monterey

Much needed. Now cut through the usual red tape and fast-lane this project. Gary Bolen | via social media

Help Wanted

I just finished a successful job hunt and I’ve never seen so many jobs available especially in hospitality (restaurants and hotels). All you have to do is look at Craigslist or Indeed and see that this is a completely different job market than after the 2008 recession (“Restaurants that struggled and survived during the pandemic face a new challenge: hiring,” April 22-28). Leigh Susan Fitz | via social media

Another article about the labor shortage that neglects to talk to any laid-off service industry workers. Why focus only on restaurant owners’ perspectives and theories when you could just ask the unemployed directly? Monica Helmick | via social media

If a person was a good worker, didn’t have any HR issues, and was always on time to work, then they should definitely be called back (“County supervisors vote 4-1 to pass a ‘right to recall’ ordinance for hospitality rehiring,” posted April 21). They already know the ropes, they don’t have to be retrained, and they know the customers. It will save the business re-startup costs. It is a customer service benefit. Competition is going to be fierce as stir-crazy families want to get out and experience life. Zelda London Oghigian | via social media

Too many employers seem to be using this as an opportunity to force out former employees and hire new labor for less. People having the right to accept or decline their old job should be the bare minimum. The fact that this doesn’t apply to all businesses is absurd. Alexis Maceira | Greenfield

Justice for All

A large crowd gathered peacefully to show solidarity with the Asian American and Pacific Islander community and other peoples suffering hostility and violence (“Speakers at a rally against anti-Asian racism called on supporters to remember history and unite.,” posted April 27). A wide variety of speakers reminded us of historic injustices, as well as current mistreatment and worse.

I was proud our city leadership (represented by Councilman Tyller Williamson and Assistant City Manager Nat Rojanasathira) helped make this event happen. I also noted the leadership role taken by many instructors at CSUMB and elsewhere. These individuals are providing crucial education about past injustices as well as future opportunities for all. We all have a part to play in getting our country back on track. Kip Hudson | Monterey

Your article is so powerful, I just have to give you kudos! (“Today’s verdict in the murder of George Floyd is a huge step forward – but there is still work to do,” posted April 20.) You captured the essence of the entire drama, including the verdict, with such thoughtful editing and verbiage. Gina Encallado | via email

One Planet

Mariana del Valle Prieto Cervantes makes a powerful point (“Sustainability and the green movement may look very white, but affect people of color the most,” April 22-28). Climate leadership isn’t just about emission reductions – it’s about equity, too. If our state’s climate progress leaves out BIPOC voices, then we aren’t truly making life on this planet better. We need to prioritize and follow the lead of the hardest hit communities, who are essential for helping develop equitable and lasting solutions. Kera Panni | Seaside

Clear As Water

M1W, MPWMD, LAFCO, MPWMD… and Cal Am. I know what the latter is and voted in 2018 to try to get rid of it. I’ve been following your reports and it’s hard, but today’s column brought the best explication of all parties involved to date (“Get ready for some exciting government TV,” posted April 26).

When all is said and done, I dearly hope the vote of 2018 will be enough so that we won’t have to have another vote because the public will be so confused and Cal Am does such magnificent, expensive ads. Joyce Newell | Monterey

Excellent reporting on water – clear and concise and at depth – on such an important life issue. Thank you! Elizabeth Murray | Monterey

In the Weeds

I wonder if those who farm other crops are subjected to the same scrutiny (“Cannabis grower Riverview Farms slapped with $400,000 fine for illegal extraction work,” posted April 22). Matt Brysch | Salinas

Politics aside, extraction requires significant fire protection measures. Other businesses that fall into similar hazardous fire rated occupancies face fines for failing to meet code. Employees can be injured or killed by failing to follow safe protocols. Scott Cunningham | Carmel Valley

RIP, 501

Goodnight, sweet thing (“Otter 501, made famous in a nature film, dies at 11 years old,” posted April 22). Dorothy Egan | via social media

Glad she was able to live wild for 10 years and had four pups. Paul Morales | Castroville

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