Shots Or Not

If they can’t be responsible for their own health and safety, how can we expect them to be so for others’? (“A majority of law enforcement and health care workers are vaccinated, but a few are missing,” April 28-May 5.) Justin Violini | via social media

They’re gonna be the reason families can’t see their loved ones in prisons because they’ll be the ones continuing to bring in the virus. So don’t hold the families accountable and make us get tested every time we want to visit and cancel visits because you guys chose to not get vaccinated. This is all I ask. Christina Maciel | via social media

Called Out

He canceled himself (“A video taken at Lucia’s outdoor patio of a diner’s racist remarks leads to dueling lawsuits,” May 6-12). Kimberly La Mar-Damiani | via social media

Unbelievable how out of touch so many racists are; he thinks *he* is the victim. Racists have had things their way for so long that I believe they are genuinely stunned when they’re called out on it. Matt Brysch | Salinas

For the Love of P.G.

I like the idea of Julia Platt Days! (“What might we celebrate in place of P.G.’s Feast of Lanterns?” posted May 3.) Kelly Terry | via social media

Agree!!!! Great idea! Cheryl Butner | Pacific Grove

This would be such a great school project. Study the history of the area, and determine what accomplishments or environmental wonders should be celebrated. Donna Brouillard | via social media

As the former branch director of an anti-racism nonprofit, it gives me a sliver of hope to see this reckoning (“Reforming the Feast of Lanterns trivializes Pacific Grove’s racist history. It’s time to end the festival,” April 28-May 5). Also, for any non-Asian person telling Amer-Asians what we should/shouldn’t be offended by – practice exercising cultural humility, because that is not for you to decide. Angélique Sayson | via social media

The city of P.G. and the culture of the “Last Hometown” needs to see the opportunity before our eyes to create real change and to have open discussions about the history of racism that is a real part of our collective past and present. I grew up with the Feast and gained a lot from my experience on the Royal Court. Now, I feel differently. Ending the festival and talking clearly about why could be more impactful than revamping it with a board that is predominantly white and unwilling to see that racism is steeped in the event.

I worked on changing the Feast of Lanterns for the better for five years and I was met with resistance and fear from the board. Much more is needed then simply a new storyline. If you change the story but refuse to have any education or meaningful discussion around why, you end up propping up the status quo of white supremacy again. Kaye Coleman | Carmel Valley

Note: Coleman is a former president of the Feast of Lanterns.

Bike On

DANCING BIKE GUY! I have always wondered who he is! Local legend! Puts a smile on my face every time – keep rockin’ (“George Palmer Jr. rides his bike fast and far all over the Monterey Peninsula – while dancing,” May 6-12). Rachel Perpignani | Monterey

Yes! Always love his enthusiasm! Julia Pederson | via social media

One of my favorite bike path personalities! Way jealous of the moves. Matt Hess | via social media

The way he moves on that bike I would’ve never guessed he is 63! I wanna have that kind of gusto when I grow up! Wenda A. Harris | via social media

Damage Control

A company that accepted taxpayer dollars to wallpaper over the outing of a racist cop and provide cover for the city he worked for is now asking a newspaper to hide the story so it doesn’t tarnish their reputation? LOL, no (“A media firm that espouses transparency acts contrary to their mandate,” May 6-12). Jon Wizard | Seaside

Dreaming Big

Thanks for the update to Jose’s story (“José Anzaldo, star of the documentary East of Salinas, gets accepted to his dream school: UC Berkeley,” April 28-May 5). Congratulations young man! Your hard work and determination are taking you on an amazing journey. I am cheering for you. What you do now for yourself will change the lives of others for the good in the future. Maury Treleven | Gonzales

José, I knew you had a bright future ahead from your very first quarter in my English 7 class when you earned my leadership award. You were a leader then, and I have no doubt you will lead many more to experience the very same success that you have worked so hard to achieve. I am so very proud of you and your accomplishments. Prayers and blessings as you continue your educational journey! Stephanie Drace | via social media

A Second Chance

Great news (“Veterans Transition Center will take over management of Last Chance Mercantile,” posted May 8). Nina Hanes Dillard | Carmel Valley

Awesome!!! Let the pickin’ resume! Bryan Flores | Salinas

At Your Service

Lynne White Dixon has seen my family through some difficult challenges and celebrated some really good moments too. I am happy she is being recognized for her work (“How an award-winning social worker stays engaged in her career after 45 years,” April 28-May 5). Lisa Ragan-Mowry | via social media

I remember Lynne well. She helped me during my divorce and custody battle – fantastic job! Well deserved recognition. Irma Magdayao | via social media

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