Bus Lane

Prioritizing public transportation is a logical step in making it a practical alternative (“MST moves forward with plans for a new bus lane along Highway 1, from Marina to Seaside,” May 13-19). I think this is a good idea even though it’s too late for me as I no longer work in Monterey. It would have been nice to be able to leave the car at home and the driving to others. Matt Brysch | Salinas

Sounds like another liberal boondoggle… Pretty sure if they actually wanted to help, they would expand bus routes between Monterey and Salinas and into Watsonville and King City. Donald Sherman | Carmel Valley

This feels an awful lot like the bike lane in the middle of Fremont Boulevard. John Radley | Monterey

The solution is to run electric buses up on General Jim Moore Boulevard. This was increased to a four-lane boulevard years back at taxpayer cost and is barely used by MST and would solve the problem of buses being stuck on Highway 1 during peak travel times. Steve Kennedy | Salinas

Of course the Coastal Commission doesn’t want it, they only want for wealthy cronies. The path this would take is already largely paved, the widening would be minimal in environmental impact. It’s right next to a freeway, so keeping Fort Ord wild isn’t an option here anyway, what better place to put it? People who will never use public transit keep standing in the way of it for their own benefit, while ignoring the needs of the greater community. Eric Gates | via social media

A portion of that old frontage road will need to be rebuilt for the new state park campground, so I predict the SURF bus line will eventually get built. In the meantime, the Coastal Commission (and other detractors) will drag out the process and waste time and money. Patrick Kuhl | Marina

Homeward Bound

It sounds as though the current site is successful and should make the city figure out a way and place to make a permanent one (“A homeless parking program that sprung up in Seaside during the pandemic will end,” May 20-26). I live in the neighborhood off the next street over and have personally seen one single man from that site clean all the neighboring parking lots a couple hours at a time every day. Another man has also helped some. I hope the current program can continue somewhere. Krista Carey | via social media

Has anyone considered the added burdens and risks assumed by police in enforcing Monterey County’s illogical and inhumane mandate against sleeping in cars?

As the mother of a big city cop, I tremble to think of my son, in these troubled times, unnecessarily making himself vulnerable in approaching a vehicle full of tired, threatened people, trying to sleep. Those concerned about Seaside’s “image” should consider how the national news would treat yet another policing incident. Norma Ellen Townsend | Pacific Grove

Learning Online

I was hoping this would be an outcome of the Covid lockdown! (“Salinas City Elementary District launches an online school for the upcoming year,” May 20-26.) There are so many reasons why this is a good idea – schools are overcrowded, bullying is a real problem, and there are just some kids who do much better with online programs. I hope more school districts offer this as a solution to students who have been identified as ideal candidates for this type of learning! Stef Helbock Pummell | Monterey

Fine, as long as it is not done at the expense of the face-to-face programs. Hopefully parents won’t hear “we need to fund the online program so we are cutting face-to-face hours, programs, etc.” Masha Serttunc | via social media

I wonder if other districts follow suit, or if it becomes a for-profit type learning model. A lot of kids thrived with the online platform. I can see this becoming a new option. CJ Howard | via social medi

The honest reality is that kids, particularly at the university level get little to no help with school outside classroom instruction. No access to tutors. No access to teachers. Nada. And they pay for that privilege at the university level. So, yes the online model has arrived. Whether the school districts do it or online commercial services which have also thrived do it is irrelevant. The quality of education in America relative to the cost is absurd. Art Fernandez | via social media

Trashing Fees

Love [Paola Berthoin’s] diligence (“The county rescinds surprise garbage fee after residents push back,” May 20-26). I received this also and likewise, as an avid composter and recycler, I was aghast. I received the letter today that they are not moving forward with the ridiculous fees, and I am so grateful. Wendy Ainsworth | via social media

Investigating the cops

The sheriff, the person responsible for overseeing the application of laws within our county, isn’t expected to know the laws. That is the argument the District Attorney has made (“Sheriff’s Office misappropriated funds to staff a conference, but not in a way that warranted criminal charges, per DA investigation, posted May 21). Joseph W. Borawski | via social media

How much did it cost to have DA pursue misappropriated funds? If it was more than those funds ($21,000) the DA should offer taxpayers a rebate. While the decision to use deputies as shuttle drivers was inappropriate, the event was a law enforcement conference. This should not have been handled as a criminal matter. Scott Cunningham | Carmel Valley

Larger than Life

I am so glad to see this! His son and daughter, also wonderful people, can see it every day from their office (“Memorial statue of the late Mike Marotta to be installed on Alvarado Street,” posted May 22). Patrick Kenedy | Monterey

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