Post Covid?

If everyone starts wearing masks when they are feeling unwell, it would be a brilliant advancement for society (“The New New Normal: As Covid restrictions loosen and end, here’s what life going forward might look like,” May 27-June 2). Joseph W. Borawski | via social media

My husband and I were born a long time before our granddaughter, who was born in August 2020 at the height of the Covid-19 pandemic (“What is herd immunity and will Monterey County ever reach it?” May 27-June 2). During our childhood in the 1950s, we also had a frightening worldwide epidemic – polio. We breathed a collective sigh of relief when the polio vaccine was developed in 1955 and began getting shots immediately.

Unlike today, there was no anti-vaccine movement. This miracle cure for the formerly incurable was universally welcomed. In 1962, the Sabin oral vaccine was introduced. Even though there were rare but serious side effects, this vaccine was eagerly received. People continued to get vaccinated and in a few years we achieved herd immunity, then completely eradicated polio. Everyone trusted the scientists and the doctors. There was no internet to spread absurd yet dangerous conspiracy theories – if the ’50s and ’60s had a bunch of paranoid people not taking the vaccine, polio could be another horrendous disease we’d still be suffering and dying from today. Anne Downs | Pacific Grove

Round and Round

Great memories. I was one of the first coaches there (“Faced with costly repairs, the owner of Water City Roller Hockey walks, leaving the rink’s future unknown,” May 27-June 2). Michael Boughton | Monterey

Really hope they can save this place. I have very fond memories of going there 20 years ago when I was a freshman at CSU Monterey Bay. It’d be sad if it were torn down and just replaced with more condos! James Schultze | Monterey

In my nearly 10 years of living in Marina I never knew there was a skating rink here even though I like skating. It seems people in charge of it were not very interested in outreach programs to bring new people in. After some research, I found little information about classes for new skaters and the ones I did find were only for young kids.

The rink was more like a “private” thing among its users. This is just my opinion. If it reopens, I suggest creating programs to bring more users and not limiting the facility only for those who know about it. Daniel Vazquez | Marina

You’ve got to remember we bring in a lot of outside money, with adult hockey, youth hockey, adult women’s roller derby, youth derby, open public skate, team skate nights, youth soccer, box lacrosse, music venues, zumba, etc. The city doesn’t seem to see that, nor news outlets.

In the committee [seeking to reopen for roller sports], we really want to promote this to the residents. I am getting ready to do a petition just for Marina residents to see how many want to see the rink stay. The mayor has said that over half of Marina doesn’t want the rink there; I don’t believe that, so I’m putting a signature drive together to prove him wrong. David Hohmann | Monterey

Family Ties

This brought tears to my eyes. Beautiful story! (“A DACA recipient plans a trip to his home country of Mexico for the first time in 23 years,” May 20-26). Wendy Ainsworth | via social media

Top Cop

Sheriff Steve Bernal was quoted saying that he was unaware of the law when he authorized the use of public funds for a private event, the conference of the California Sheriffs’ Association in 2019. How many times have we heard that ignorance of the law is no excuse? It’s so lame, especially for the county’s top law enforcement officer to plead ignorance (“Monterey County Board of Supervisors censures the sheriff over mishandling of county funds,” May 27-June 2). I hope they found time to discuss the embattled state of law enforcement these days, with the long list of police shootings of Black and brown men.

Censure is a form of shaming I guess, and that’s all. At least reimbursing the county, maybe some time in his own jail and a recall would be fitting. Gary Karnes | Salinas

Protest v. Protest

The pro-police supporters were there for at least two hours before Black Lives Matter showed up with their vulgar signs that read F*** Police (“Pro-police and pro-defunding activists converge in Salinas,” May 27-June 2). They had coffins, and a lady in black who was literally “screeching” into an amp with her violin; it was awful. We prayed, then had a young lady sing worship songs. It was beautiful, until BLM showed up. They had no problem harassing us, and you report only one side. Shame on you. Dalila Epperson | via web

Longest Running

Peter is a fabulous man and has touched so many lives in Monterey County. Thank you for featuring him (“Peter Krasa has been running every single day for more than 23 years. He’s 76 and not stopping,” May 27-June 2). Kimberly Siegel | via social media

This is amazing!! Angel Esparza | via social media

Who’s Laughing

I find the cartoon “The Modern World” disinformation and offensive. This past year there has been violence, destruction and death around the country… to businesses, innocent bystanders, police, government buildings and more. How is it OK to investigate Jan. 6 and ignore the rest of the violence? There must be a fair and bipartisan investigation of all of these events or none at all. Frances Hill | Monterey

I have a title and topic for your next propaganda piece: “How the Obama Administration and Democrat leaders tried to destroy the Trump campaign and presidency with false accusations of Russian collusion and lied repeatedly about it for years to the American people.” Jim Mistretta | Monterey

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