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I think it was unfair of you to focus on the comments of someone who has only been at the MPC Theater for two years (“The MPC Theatre department chair resigns after trying to bridge the old guard with the new,” June 24-30). That department ran excellently under the previous theater chairs; Morgan Stock, Peter DeBono and Gary Bolen had no problem producing outstanding work. The MPC Theatre Trust helped make the “Golden Age” of community theater possible.

I think you are printing the sour grape comments of someone who had no idea of what had been accomplished at MPC previously, and his petty excuse for failing. Alex Stewart | via social media

They were performing the same plays, employing the same actors, offering the same roles, the same lack of opportunities, and just the same humdrum sociopolitical nonsense that plagues Monterey County on the whole with glad-handing, backstabbing, viper pit nonsense. I’m glad someone at least tried to shake things up a bit and I’m sorry that he failed. I’m not surprised, however. The “Golden Age”? Ugh. Mark Cunningham | via social media

When’s the last time anybody bought a ticket online and didn’t have to pay a surcharge? I can’t even pay my sewer bill online without an extra fee. Ticket Guys was/is an online ticket seller who services more theatres than just MPC. Are they supposed to waive that fee for every venue they serve? John Radley | Monterey

It appears the elephant in the room is still being ignored. While the Main Stage was being renovated, the state and board of trustees changed the focus of California community colleges. Lifelong learners started being pushed out, and transfer [students] became the big focus. Subsequently, the Theatre Department budget was gutted, both staff and production budgets decimated – not the legacy the Morgan Stock Stage deserves. Michael Wecker | via social media

I was saddened the Weekly chose to publish a one-sided, poorly researched hit piece disguised as an “exit interview.” Eck’s “deep dive” into the finances of the Trust must have been into the shallow end of the pool since there was so much he “forgot” to mention or flat-out misrepresented.

Conveniently omitted was the fact that the Trust had reached an understanding with the college to provide the MPC Theatre Arts Department $6,000 per quarter for productions. Three payments had been made when the pandemic struck. More payments were requested by Eck despite no productions being mounted.

Eck is clearly looking to scapegoat his ineffectual leadership that lacked the vision and creativity to balance the administration’s demand for student involvement with that of a dedicated theater community that stood ready to assist the department. Rather, he ignored and alienated that community.

When the history of MPC Theatre is written, Eck’s unfortunate tenure will rightly not merit so much as a footnote. He will not be missed. Gary Bolen | Prunedale

Bolen is MPC Theatre Arts Chair Emeritus and a board member of the Monterey Peninsula Theatre Trust.

Hip Or Not?

The dude got greedy. If he would have kept it to one or two sites he might have been fine, but 30? LOL (“A Big Sur landowner is cited after county shuts down short-term rental camping spot,” June 24-30). Larry Tierney | La Selva Beach

I’ve often wondered how many Hipcamp locations are like this; I think it’s a great idea BUT can impact neighbors, communities and services if not managed well. Christine Gipson | via social media

Something Fishy

You don’t hear about their bad behavior because they do these unethical/illegal things and then offer settlements quite quickly, so they’re very effective at keeping things quiet (“The Monterey Bay Aquarium reaches a preliminary settlement on an employee lawsuit,” June 24-30). Of course they’re very vested in keeping their public image pristine because they’re always going on about how much more ethical they are than other zoos/aquariums. I’m glad there’s at least one case now that is getting some attention. Rachel Perpignani | Monterey

Happens almost everywhere. I experienced the same thing working at Del Monte Center retail years ago. Vincent Pizzo | via social media

You know those job descriptions that claim to require your “passion” and “personal investment” in the success of XYZ? It’s not enough that they get 40 hours a week of your life. Employers, especially in the nonprofits sector, play on this to guilt people who really do care into providing free labor. Luana Conley | via social media

Changing of the Guard

Mr. Malin really made his mark. Downtown looks fantastic and I visit it often after the renovations. As a CSUMB alum, I applaud the Campus Town development and how that will benefit students and our community as a whole. I wish him the best (“Seaside City Manager Craig Malin announces resignation and a return to the Midwest,” posted June 25). Eric Palmer | via social media

Take the Train

What a terrific idea! I wish these entrepreneurs the absolute best of luck (“A new attraction in Marina aims to bring train tracks along Highway 1 alive with family fun,” June 17-23). I’ll certainly look into it. I’d love to get one of those old pump cars and cruise down those tracks! Patrick Kenedy | Monterey

Glass Half Full?

The prices at Elroy’s make Whole Foods look like a Dollar Tree (“Elroy’s Fine Foods is ready to show off its natural wine bar,” June 17-23). What’s with the Weekly promoting the elitism of Elroy’s? I will remember that during Car Week when you criticize someone for paying $1 million for an old car. Mark Carbonaro | Monterey

I’m happy to support a local, family owned, high-end grocer instead of Bezos. Justin Violini | via social media

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